3 Reasons Why You Must Use Your Phone Without Cover

Phone Cover

Yes. You read it right. You need to start using your phone without cover.

Smartphone back covers might be the fanciest accessories that people love using for their smartphones. iPhone users are considered to be highly blessed when it comes to covers due to the wide range of variety.

We have multiple types of mobile covers. For instance, back covers, flip covers, hard-case, bumper covers, holster mobile covers, etc are some honorable mobile cover types.

Why You Must Use Your Phone Without Cover

However, none of these phone covers that you are using are really good for the life of your smartphone.

Now, you might be asking the reason. Let’s see what harm it does.

Use Your Phone Without Cover

Remember how you feel when the sun is shining brutally in the mid-May summers? What if someone covers you with a blanket in that heat?

In addition to that, I will make you wear a sweater in that scorching heat.

How is it feeling? 😉

Similarly, your smartphone is a hot device. It continuously heats because of the processor and you’re adding more heat by attaching a cover.

In the previous post, I mentioned in point #12 which was related to heat. In case you have missed that post, here is the link:

12 Smartphone Mistakes that you should avoid while using a Smartphone

Connecting that point to the mobile cover. What happens if you use a mobile cover or protective case?

Try to use your phone without cover because back covers degrade your phone’s performance, battery life, charging speed, signal strength, etc.

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1] Performance

Whenever your smartphone heats, it has the ability to adjust itself.

How does a processor compensate for the increasing heat?

Well, it’s simple. Just lower down the performance.

If your phone is heating too much then your processor will process the functions at a slower speed.

This is the reason why your smartphone lags or hangs at times. Also, your recent applications are removed automatically.

2] Low Charging Speed

When your smartphone is charging, you might have observed that it heats a lot. Now if you are using a smartphone cover then the heat has no space to exit.

Eventually, it reduces your charging speed. Now you will ask how?

Almost all reputed smartphone brands add a feature to slow down the charging speed if the phone is getting warm.

This is because the higher current rate leads to more heating issues.

Smartphone brands do that for your safety.

3] Battery Life

Since the smartphone is always under heat and pressure, the first thing that gets affected is the battery.

Also, constant struggle to acquire a stronger signal than the existing one drains the battery sooner. The reason for this thing is given in point #4 of this post.

4] Signal Issues

Your smartphone uses radio waves to communicate. Radio signals cannot travel efficiently if some barrier comes in between.

All your radio signals such as Cellular networks, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, wireless charging, etc malfunction because of your mobile covers.

I am not at all saying that these features don’t work but it is just a fact that they don’t work efficiently.

“Bhai Kuch Bhi!”

I know you won’t believe me so I have a demonstration for you.

Airtel Phone Signal With and without phone camera
Jio Phone Signal With and without phone camera

I am using two SIM cards – Airtel and Jio.

You can see the clear difference between the signal strengths of two operators with both the conditions. Moreover, this difference is huge.

It is always better to have the Signal Strength number close to zero.

Solution If You Cannot Use Mobile without Covers

“Alright! I understood that back covers or mobile cases are bad for smartphones. But what about the safety of smartphone?”

If you ask me then the normal scratches are bound to come on your smartphone no matter what you do. Moreover, the screen is going to break if you drop your phone from a particular height.

However, you can follow these two steps if you want to still use a case for your smartphone.

1] Bumper Cases For Smartphones

This is how a Bumper Case looks like –

3 Reasons Why You Must Use Your Phone Without Cover

These bumper cases cover your smartphone only for the four sides. Back and front sides are open. Don’t worry, it protects your smartphone because of the thickness it possesses.

Basically the more ventilation your mobile phone gets, the better heat management is done.

2] Remove Mobile Cover while Gaming and Charging

If you are charging your smartphone then I assume it must be stable and the probability of falling is lesser. Remove your cover and charge your phone.

Also, if you are into extensive gaming then I would recommend you remove the cover while playing. This will ensure that your PUBG won’t lag much and you won’t miss a headshot! 😉

No usage is right or wrong. Use a mobile cover if you drop your phone more frequently. In the end, replacing a screen or a part is expensive than the overall performance.

But if you need performance, remove that damn back cover!


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