6 Ways To Make Money With Your Website

Make Money From Website

“Pritesh, why don’t you put ads on your website? Don’t you want to make money with your website?”

“Sir I want to start a blogging website but how can I earn money? How much do you earn?”

These are the most common questions that I get literally everywhere. For them I only have one answer, “I have not planned anything yet. I don’t know about it.”

Because I personally don’t like ads popping up over my website. I might change my opinion in the future because of various factors.

However, what if I tell you that there are many ways to monetize a website? 😉

Read this post till the end.

6 Ways To Make Money With Your Website

1] Direct Advertisements

Of course, this is the most common method to earn money while blogging on a website.

We all have seen advertisements from Google all over the websites.

Video ads and display (image) ads can fetch you money based on the impressions that you get. It doesn’t matter if anyone clicks it or not.

Similarly, CPC (Cost Per Click) or Native ads pay you for every click.

Make Money with your Website using CPC and CPM

CPM ads might pay you more but it takes more space on your website. Also, they might not be contextual with your website.

Meanwhile, CPC ads take lesser space and are generally related to the content of your website. Sometimes, visitors don’t even realize that it’s an advertisement.

2] Affiliate Marketing

This is another common way to earn money from a blogging website.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

You promote a product on your website. If someone buys a product from your link then you get some commission from the cost of that product.

For instance, I recommend a smartphone on my website, Amazon pays me if someone buys from that link.

Affiliate Links on priteshpawar.com

Yes, you are indirectly supporting me by buying products on my website. Thank you 🙂

3] Services

This is an advanced level of money-making technique using your website.

Some website owners provide services along with running a blog. They earn through it.

The blogs help them build traffic on their website but the services automatically get marketed by the website.

For example, my website is completely based on Technology. However, I provide Digital Marketing Services to my clients.

The portfolio website is coming soon!

This is the reason why you see this button which says “Want to Grow Your Business?” as soon as you enter my website.

People provide multiple services using their websites. They tend to monetize their skills in different ways.

4] Products

Just like people sell services on their websites, some sell their products.

Here are some common products that you can sell on your website –

  1. Ebooks – Make some PDFs and promote them using your website. Charge for every copy that you sell.
  2. Courses – Some people are good at video production. These courses sell at higher prices because the demand for videos is more and they cost more.
  3. Artworks – I know some of my friends who run websites related to art and designs. Along with that, they sell greeting cards and many other things related to art.
  4. Premium Content – Some websites keep aside their high-quality content for a price. Of course, the blogs are free but they have separate content for their paid subscribers.

Similar to the services, you need to work harder for selling products because it requires time and patience.

5] Business and Brand Endorsements

Once your website starts growing, you will automatically start getting approached by brands.

For example, I get such messages frequently.

Make Money With Your Website
Make Money With Your Website
Ways to Monetize Your Website using Brand Endorsements

This depends on the deal. Some brands want to integrate their products into ongoing blogs. Meanwhile, some brands want a dedicated post for them.

Also, some brands give you monetary benefits while some give you their products/services for free.

Kindly note that brands won’t come to you on day one. You need to grow and hold some patience. This is the hardest way to make money but gives you the highest return.

My advice: Don’t expect brands. They will come on their own. Focus on frequent and high-quality content first.

6] Donations

Some websites claim to donate a percentage of their income to some charity or NGO. Although, the genuineness depends on the website owner.

However, I would recommend you to remain clear and transparent with your donors.

Tell that you will be donating only a part of the amount and the rest of the money will be used to support your website cost.

People love honesty. It works like a charm.

7] ECommerce (Bonus Point)

If you are still reading this post then I am sure that you are serious about making money on your website.

Here’s the tip.

Build an eCommerce website and sell the products there. Instead of owning a shop in your locality, you will reach your customers globally.

In case if you don’t know, here is my eCommerce website where I list my products.

You can list your own products on your eCommerce website and ship it as soon as someone orders it.

Conclusion: Ways To Monetize Your Website

  1. Direct Advertisements
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling Services
  4. Selling or Renting Products
  5. Business and Brand Endorsements
  6. Donations
  7. ECommerce Website
Ways to Monetize Your Website

These are some ways to monetize your website. Let me know if you have some more ideas for monetizing a website and generating a passive income.

Turn your passion into a profession!

I have also written a blog post regarding WordPress websites. I’ll link it in the footer of this post.


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