7 Eye Care Tips For Computer Professionals

Eye Care Tips

Almost every profession includes working on computers for long hours. To sustain for long period, you need a few eye care tips.

Computer and mobile screens emit blue rays that can affect your sleep cycle, concentration power and also cause severe headaches.

Continuous staring at screens for long hours can cause redness in eyes and irritation as well.

So, how will you survive? Should you quit your job for these reasons?

No. I am going to mention 7 ways to take care of your eyes so that you will happily work at your desktop without worrying.

Common Eye Care Tips

1] Proper Lighting

Your eyes cannot adjust very well when your surrounding is too dim as compared your screen brightness.

Make sure that the lights are turned on and the eyes don’t get the attention of the screen only.

Similarly, your surroundings should not be too bright as well. If you sit at a place where sunlight hits you directly while working then it is something to worry about.

Close that window or change your direction. Opposing the strong sun rays while staring at the screen is not really healthy for your eyes.

The lighting effect must be warm and soothing for you.

2] Activate Night Mode

Most of you might be knowing that all the screens emit blue rays which are not good for your eyes.

To conquer this, most of the mobile phones, as well as computers, come with an in-built night mode option.

For Windows 10, you will find it in the notification panel.

Eye Care Tips for IT Professionals - Night Mode in Windows 10

If your PC doesn’t have it, you can use 3rd party Software like Iris.

Likewise, you can use Apps like Twilight on your smartphone to block to blue rays.

This should definitely help you reduce your headache while working on your Desktop.

3] Proper Eye Wear

I see so many people not wearing their glasses while working just because they feel they don’t look good.

I understand that you have glasses because you can’t see distant objects clearly. Also, I know your PC Screen is nearer and you can see everything clearly.

But it doesn’t matter if you can see clearly without the glasses, your eyes still get strained.

In the long run, your eyes will beg for proper care.

Your judgemental coworkers are not going to help you see in the old age but your eyes are!

4] Brightness

Many people don’t seem to get affected by the high brightness during dim lighting conditions.

It’s 11 PM at night and some people still tend to use their PCs or mobiles at full brightness while being in the utter darkness.

Avoid this.

Put your smartphone to auto-brightness or reduce it manually if you are concerned about your battery.

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Similarly, keep changing the brightness level of your PC as per your surroundings and time of the day.

5] Blink More Often

Proven Fact: Humans blink 15-20 times per minute. However, this number drops to half while staring at a screen.

It makes your eyes dry up quickly causing irritation.

Take a water break and blink your eyes more frequently.

If you don’t remember this, put a sticky note on your PC monitor. It will keep reminding you all the time.

6] Minimize The Glare

Glare is nothing but the reflection of surroundings on your screen. It should be a minimum.

Anti-Glare Screen - Eye Care Tips for Computer Professionals
Image Source: Photodon

More than being annoying, it is harmful to your eyes.

You can install an anti-glare screen protector on your screen so that it won’t shine or reflect anything.

If you wear glasses then you can buy anti-reflective (AR) coated glasses. It helps to reduce the reflection from the back as well as the front side of your glasses.

7] Follow 20-20-20 Rule

I didn’t make this term on my own. It’s a pre-established technique that is recommended by Doctors for IT and Computer professionals.

According to 20-20-20 Rule, you should take a break from your screen every 20 minutes and stare at some object that is at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

This will help your eyes from focus fatigue.

Eye Care Tips For Computer Professionals [Infographic] – Summary

  1. Proper Lighting is important
  2. Activate Night Mode
  3. Use Proper Eye Wear
  4. Control the Brightness
  5. Blink more often
  6. Minimize the glare
  7. Follow 20-20-20 Rule
Eye Care Tips Infographic For Computer Professionals

So, these were the 7 tips for you to take care of your eyes.

If you still feel irritation or problems because of your computer, visit an optician. Don’t take your eyes for granted.


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