Detect Fake Websites ~ 8 Ways To Identify

Fake websites

You get many spam emails and Whatsapp forwards. So, how do you detect fake websites?

“Click this link to win the free award from Paytm. Just put the details and share in 5 Whatsapp groups”

“Adidas completed 20 years and they are giving the shoes in Rs 10. Click here to claim your reward”

“Spin this wheel and claim an iPhone. Also, share this link to your 20 friends”

I am sure most of you have received such messages on Whatsapp and some might have even tried using these tricks. But did you get anything?

As I wrote my last article, there was a part where I mentioned to detect shady and fake websites. The next question I got from my readers, “How exactly can we recognize such fake websites?”

In case, you have not read my previous article, here is the link: 10 Things to check for fighting Fake News

8 ways to detect fake websites

Whatsapp Call Hack
Whatsapp Call Hack

1] How the website link ends?

Have you received a message claiming that the Government is providing some benefits and stuff? But, how would you verify?

Government websites always end with

Educational websites always end with

Example: >> Represents JEE Main website >> Represents UIDAI website

2] How the Website link starts?

Although it is quite easy to get HTTPS certificate nowadays this can be still a good point. Websites that start with HTTPS are comparatively more secure than HTTP.

For instance, will be securer than

3] What are they asking?

While there are some websites which will ask for your email ID, login, name, address, number and several details.

Why do such websites need so much of your data for simply providing an offer?

Also, some websites ask you to share with 3 groups on Whatsapp and blah blah. This is clearly a scam. All they need is traffic on their website and a few innocent people who would get trapped.

4] How much information did they give?

Since you checked how much information they are asking for, now check how much information are they providing from their side?

Therefore, always check the ‘About Section’ and other links. Is there any mention of the author, address, contact number or anything?

Is there any way for you to contact them if something goes wrong? If not, it is clear. Maybe, the website is scamming people. As a result, you end up saving yourself.

5] Social Links

Although some websites are smart enough to provide their details (sometimes fake) on their web pages. But there is again something to check.

Are there official social media links mentioned on the website? Because it is quite logical if a scamming website has not provided its social media links.

But if various links to Facebook and Twitter are present, check the pages well. Frequency of their posts and availability can give you the answer.

6] Check on Google

Certainly, it is important to know how many people are exactly talking about this website or linking it.

More the number of people linking it, better is the authenticity. Also, the number of internal pages indicate that it is constantly growing and updating. Because scammers don’t take the pain to do that.

site: <website name>

Put this on Google and you will know.

Screenshot of to verify the page results shown on Google for a website.
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Image: Screenshot taken for

164-page links are attached for my website Not bad for a new website.

Check out those links while checking for the authenticity of the targeted website. Hence, larger the number of links, better is the website.

If a website has less number of page links then something is terribly wrong.

7] Check out the information about this website

Here is a website called

You will find the age of the website, the servers and other details regarding any website. If the website is newly formed and not many details are available, something is fishy.

8] Catchy Offers

Why would anyone give you a brand new iPhone X for Rs 12,000?

Why would anyone provide you a new laptop worth Rs 60,000 merely for Rs 10,200?

Consequently, these impossible offers are clear indications to scams. They will take your money in advance. Moreover, you will never get a product.

Above all, this is the most obvious way to find out the reality.

In the age of Internet, you need to be careful. Let not a random black marketer or blogger misguide you. Aware the people around you.


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