Best Android Security Tips To Stay Safe Online

Android Security Tips

iOS is no doubt the most secure mobile operating system but Android users need to take some care. Do you know what forced us to write about Android security tips?

A report that says 4 out of 10 mobile phones are vulnerable to cyber-attacks!

A malware or virus can dig into your smartphone in several ways. It can enter into your phone while installing an application from an unknown source and many uncountable ways.

It can harm your mobile phone in many terms. Now, I don’t want this to happen to you.

To keep your mobile away from malicious and suspicious activities. I have stated some android security tips for you.

Android Security Tips: Stay Safe From Malware and Hackers

Here are the best smartphone security tips you should keep in mind in this online world.

Android Security Tips

Keep An Eye On Permissions

Whenever we download an application, it always asks us for different permissions such as storage, gallery, and others, depending on the type of application.

Now, you don’t need to allow all the permissions. Only allow those permissions which are required.

For instance, a calculator application asks for location permission, which isn’t even needed while using the application.

Use Google Play Protect

This feature by Google Play allows you to scan all your installed applications in less time. Google Play Protect scans all the existing applications and recommends whether the application is safe or not.

But, in most cases, you will find that all your applications are safe and vulnerability-free. It scans apps automatically every two or three hours.

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Use Two Factor Authentication

Want to give your online accounts an extra layer of security? I always recommend using two-factor authentication for better and extra security.

It will keep cybercriminals away from your online accounts. You can turn on two-factor authentication on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Besides that, also enable it for your Google accounts.

Never Install Applications For Unknown Sources

To gain access to more advanced features, we install modded applications from unknown sources. Modded or Hacked applications can include spyware, malware, and many kinds of viruses.

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This malware can harm your smartphone in several ways.

Always try to download and install applications from Google Play Store. If you are downloading it from third-party websites then you must be confident about the website’s authority and security.

Always Use Trusted Public Networks

Never use public WiFi around your home, workplace, or anywhere. If you are still using public WiFi, make sure you aren’t sharing any sensitive information.

Always use a trusted network to share information with anyone. However, if you are still using public WiFi, then you connect it with a VPN. It will make you anonymous, so no one will be able to track and see your information.

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Check For Security Updates

Every smartphone brand offers multiple updates for their smartphones, such as security updates, new features, and more. Never compromise with the security updates. Try to update them as soon as they appear.

There could be several reasons behind those updates. It might be possible that mobile brands are pushing those updates to tighten the security or removing vulnerabilities.

Keep Applications Updated

We use multiple apps on our mobile to perform multiple tasks. Applications are meant to make our daily life easier and productive.

However, an application with a single vulnerability can attract cyber attackers to steal your personal information. Now, you can not look for vulnerabilities unless you are into cybersecurity.

Though, to prevent your smartphone from being hacked, you can update your smartphone applications as the updates come.

You might be thinking that I don’t have enough time to check for updates frequently. At this time, the Google auto-update feature helps a lot.

Are your getting tons of suspicious messages and emails? Don’t ever try to click on the links given in the messages and emails.

Those links can harm your device. It can steal your personal information, login credentials. Moreover, it can even inject spyware into your device, which will keep an eye on your every task.

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Don’t Root Your Mobile Phone

No doubt! Rooting your mobile can unlock more new and advanced features. But, rooting has some disadvantages as well.

Rooting your smartphone will void your device warranty. If you accidentally broke your phone or something unfortunate happens, so the mobile manufacturer will not be responsible for repairing it.

Moreover, if you root your phone, your device will be more vulnerable to malware and hacking activities.

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So, think hundred times before rooting.

Use Find My Device 

Google has an app called Find My Device. Find My Device allows you to track your mobile if it is lost. Moreover, you can even clear data and lock your smartphone with the Find My Device app remotely.

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Switch to iOS [Bonus Point]

No, iPhones or Apple devices are not completely secure but they are better than Android due to the closed ecosystem. For instance, you can’t install a third-party app from any random unknown source. You need to install apps from Apple App Store only.

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Apple has always been privacy-focused. It’s better to use iOS devices if you need more security.

But hold on! Even Apple is not so innocent. Due to its closed system, Apple manages to get away from several attacks without coming out in public.

For instance, Apple chose to hide a mass hack on 128 million iPhone users in 2015.

These are the best android phone security tips that you can follow. These tips will help you a lot while surfing online.

That’s all for this article.

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