Android vs iOS – Which one is better?

iOS vs Android

Whenever people ask me whether to buy an iPhone or an Android phone, I ask about their usage pattern. When it comes to Android vs iOS game, it doesn’t really matter what you like. What matters is what you need and what they provide.

Have you ever noticed how some people buy an Apple device no matter how costly it gets? Well, I am not talking about young teenagers who want to brag the Apple logo.

The real target audience of Apple is completely content because that’s what they are looking for.

Both of the operating systems have their pros and cons and you need to understand that before making any purchase.

Android vs iOS

So, can we compare?

Android vs iOS Operating Systems

1] Hardware Optimization

Apple has its own hardware as well as the software which we call iOS. It’s pretty obvious that when the situation is completely under your control, you build the best out of it. That’s the case with Apple.

Meanwhile, Google makes Android and distributes to all your Android smartphone making companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, etc.

Whenever Google provides its software to other Android makers, they make some changes and bring that to you. It makes the hardware-software optimization hard.

Winner: iOS

2] Security

Except for the major applications, several apps are missing in iOS Appstore. The reason is that Apple is very strict about its apps. Not anyone can build an iOS app and park it on the Appstore.

Meanwhile, Google easily allows loading an app on Playstore without checking much. This is the reason why most of the malware are found on Android devices and iPhones get away with it.

In case you have missed my post regarding Joker Malware on Android devices, here is the link: Joker Malware – List of 24 Apps That You Need to Uninstall

Winner: iOS

3] Updates

As I mentioned earlier, it becomes very difficult for all Android providers to make some changes in the existing OS and push an update.

Very few smartphone manufacturers provide their Android updates seriously. While other manufacturers simply sell a smartphone once and never provide an update.

Android vs iOS - Which one is better?
Share of Android Versions
Share of Android Versions

These are the statistics of Android versions as per Google’s data in May 2019.

When it comes to iOS, Apple merely needs to maintain a single device. There is no issue in making an update and pushing it regularly. As a result, you can see the stats given by Apple in May 2019.

Android vs iOS - Which one is better?
Share of iOS Versions
Share of iOS Versions

Winner: iOS

4] Artificial Intelligence

This is a segment where Apple’s Siri is terribly doing a bad job as compared to Google’s Assistant.

A few years back, this was not the case. But recently, Google did a superb job in training its AI-based apps.

As a result, Androids have better AI-based apps like Assistant, camera, battery optimization, and even RAM management.

Android vs iOS
Queries Answered correctly by category - Google Home, Amazon Echo, Harman Kardon Invoke and Apple Homepod
Source: Loup Ventures

Here is research conducted where 4 smart speakers were compared based on the queries answered correctly by category – Google Home, Amazon Echo, Harman Kardon Invoke and Apple Homepod.

In every aspect, Google Home was the winner which is powered by Google Assistant.

Winner: Android

5] App Availability

As mentioned in point number 2, Apple doesn’t allow many apps for the smallest reason possible. As a result, not many apps get published in the AppStore.

Meanwhile, there are several apps that become available on Google Playstore. It’s not always the case that if some app is absent on Apple Appstore then it is insecure. iOS apps are costly to publish as well.

So, Android users get many options as compared to iOS users.

Winner: Android

6] Customization

Each and every Android device looks different, works different and feels different. Why do you think that happens?

All the Android manufacturers add their own flavor to Google’s original Android. Hence, you get a customized OS.

We have several Android flavors such as Xiaomi’s MIUI, Samsung’s touchOS, One Plus’s OxygenOS, etc.

Android vs iOS
All Android Skins
Multiple Android Skins

In fact, you can even change your OS by rooting your Android device. However, all these things are not available for Apple iPhones.

Winner: Android

7] Variety and Affordability

We have the world’s costliest Android phone ‘Samsung Galaxy Fold‘ which costs even more than the costliest iPhone of 2019.

On the other hand, we have the world’s cheapest Android smartphone ‘Nokia 1‘ which costs less than Rs 5000.

Android vs iOS
Samsung Galaxy Hold - Expensive Android Phone
Nokia 1 - Cheapest Android Phone

This is the variety that we get on Android which Apple fails to deliver. It’s obvious that Apple wants to establish itself as a premium brand but a real needy who needs an iOS cannot afford it.

Winner: Android

8] Ecosystem

The best thing about Apple is its ecosystem.

If you own an iPhone, Mac, iPod and all the Apple products and services then you know how seamlessly it works and syncs.

There is a reason why Apple fanboys exist. Those who own a single iPhone or Mac will probably never understand this.

Apple Ecosystem - Android vs iOS
Apple Ecosystem
Image Source: Kolomthota

But we have nothing for Android. There is no connection between an Android phone and a Windows PC. Moreover, nobody gets an Android PC or Windows phone.

In short, we don’t have a damn option!

Winner: iOS

Android vs iOS for Developers


Since Android is an open-source platform, anyone can develop an app. However, Android developers need to monitor screen size, optimization and several other things for multiple devices. That is because there is a large segment of phones using Android.

Publishing an app on Google Playstore is easier as compared to Apple’s Appstore. You merely need to pay a one-time $25 for publishing an app on Playstore where the Google team will review it and publish it.


Building an iOS app is easier than building an Android app but publishing on Apple’s Appstore is damn difficult.

iOS developer has to pay $99 every year to publish an app. Moreover, several security tests are conducted by the Apple team which becomes relatively difficult.

Android vs iOS Operating System – Conclusion

As I mentioned earlier, the OS you want depends on your usage pattern.

If you are someone who prefers security, stability, and great optimization then you should go for an iOS device.

If you are someone who loves playing around with customizations, flexibility, and variety then you should prefer an Android phone.

Of course, your budget plays here. If you are a businessman or professional who is doing well then it is okay to go with iPhones. But does it make sense for a student to buy an iPhone costing more than Rs 1 Lakh?

Let me know which OS and phone do you like and support. I will love to hear the response.


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