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I am a Tech enthusiast who loves to build digital products and market them online since 2016. I am associated with the marketing team of Brainstorm Force, the makers of Astra theme and other WordPress products.

Best Fitness Bands

Best Fitness Bands Under 5000 Rupees [December 2021] โŒš

Fitness trackers have been trending these days among the youth in India. Gone are the days when people wore traditional watches with a fixed analog dial.
This is an era of smartphones. No doubt, health is becoming an important issue of today’s generation. So, why not integrate health, watch and a smartphone? We got a fitness tracker for that.
After using a fitness tracker for a while, I could come up with a conclusion that a fitness tracker gives more value for money than a smartwatch.

Mobile Recharge Plans

Mobile Recharge Plans – Jio, Airtel & VI [December 2021]

Do you remember those days in 2015 when we used to recharge Rs 300 per month? Well, we are back to that stage. Mobile recharge plans cost you the same now.
However, there is a huge confusion – which plans should you go for?
I have churned the data for you.

Truecaller Working

How Truecaller Works? Facts That You Cannot Ignore

No. Truecaller is not a Chinese but a Swedish company. Many people were hopeful about banning Truecaller as India banned hundreds of Apps.
Even the way how Truecaller works is so concerning that most of the tech-savvy people look it as an epicenter of data privacy invasion.
Reason? It doesn’t matter whether you are using that app or never installed it to date. Your data is with them and you simply cannot do anything about it.

Best Video Editing Tools

10 Best Free Video Editing Tools Available Online

As videos started becoming more and more mainstream, small businesses realized that this is the right time to enter video marketing. But they struggle to find the best video editing tools for themselves. Well-made and catchy visuals are highly effective in making the viewers understand everything about a brand very well. It also helps them in learning …

10 Best Free Video Editing Tools Available Online Read More ยป

Improve Video Call Quality

11 Tips To Improve Video Call Quality

“Am I audible to you? No? Ah! Wait. Let me adjust. Okay now? Hold on. Let me cut the call and restart it.”
This is so relatable, right?
But there are a few solutions that might slightly improve your video calling experience.

Truecaller Business Model

Truecaller Business Model – How Truecaller Makes Money?

Everyone knows that Truecaller is completely free. So, how does Truecaller earns? After all, it might be having expenses like salaries of employees, and server costs. The data it stores requires tonnes of servers.
So, how does Truecaller manages its expenses? Is it really profitable to provide such service free of cost for all the users?
Well, Truecaller is making money heavily. Trust me. It is not really a poor company. Certainly, there are various ways for Truecaller to earn money out of data and services.

Social Platforms

I Tested 19+ Online Platforms And Here Are My Insights

Every business and person has to be on some online platforms to get recognition in today’s era. Without a social presence, it is almost impossible to explore more opportunities.

I literally tested out more than 19 platforms for more than a year to understand them practically.

Today, I am sharing a few insights with you.
[Caution: 4000+ words = Might take 30+ minutes to read]

Apple is Expensive

7 Reasons Why Apple Is So Expensive

Why Apple products are expensive?
What is there in an iPhone or Mac?
These are the most obvious questions that come to almost every common man’s mind.

But are these phones really justifying the price?
Even if Apple pockets a huge amount of profit, there are still a few factors that are almost everyone neglects.
Here are the 7 factors that make Apple products expensive

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