Pritesh Pawar

I am a Tech enthusiast who loves to build digital products and market them online since 2016. I am associated with the marketing team of Brainstorm Force, the makers of Astra theme and other WordPress products.

Best Power Banks

Best Power Banks Under 1000 Rupees 🔋

Forgot to charge before going to the office? Charge your phone while traveling.

Couldn’t charge because you were continuously using it? No worries!
Charge while you are working on it.
Here are some great choices for you while buying a power bank!

Best Tablets

Best Tablets Under 20000 Rupees

People look out for tablets for multiple reasons – reading, gaming, designing, or even for kids these days.
I have skipped all the mediocre products. These are some Android tablets that you can at least consider buying.
Chem them out!

Mumbai Tech Startups

Tech Startups in Mumbai

Bengaluru might be the silicon valley of India but there are many tech startups in Mumbai as well. In fact, I am surprised that Mumbai is performing better than Pune in the number of startups. I was expecting Pune to be the leader in the tech startups of Maharashtra. My reasoning was based on the …

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Bangalore Startups

Tech Startups in Bangalore

Bangalore has the highest number of startups in India. It is the silicon valley of India for a reason. Since we are dedicated to technology startups, let\’s discuss the best tech startups in Bangalore. Every IT company comfortably settled in Bangalore and that gave it another name to the city – capital of electronics. There …

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Slang Labs - Indian Voice Assistant

Slang Labs is Making Lives Easier Using Voice Assistants

I was recently attending India’s largest product conference and the founder of Ixigo, Rajnish Kumar mentioned that voice assistants are the future. My mind instantly thought of Slang Labs. No doubt there are several voice assistants in the market. Some are stand-alone apps like Alexa or Google Assistant or even Siri. But do you know …

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