Google Announced Best Android Apps & Games of 2020

Best Android Apps

Just like every year, Google pushed a list of the best Android apps and games of 2020. The company asks the users to vote for their favorite apps and then a list is formed based on the votes.

There are multiple categories and every category has an individual winner. The list of categories and apps is different for every country. I am listing for India.

Some are underrated and seriously need some publicity. Honestly, even I didn’t know most of them. What were these apps about? Here is a glimpse of all these apps.

Best Android Apps & Categories

1] Best App of 2020 – Sleep by Wysa

Google declared Sleep by Wysa as the Best Android App of 2020. It is an app that helps you work on your mental health.

Mental health is something that is gaining a lot of traction these days and it’s for good.

Best App of 2020 - Sleep by Wysa

However, Sleep by Wysa is not something that just plays some relaxing music while going to bed. It is more than that.

It allows you to play some stories that help you retain your hopes and positivity of mind.

You can get coaching from the trained psychologists using this app. You just need to book an appointment. This is a great feature right now where people are often feeling lonely due to the pandemic and going through some mental trauma.

This is a calming app that has many features and techniques dedicated to helping you deal with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues.

2] Users’ Choice App of 2020 – Microsoft Office

Android users vote their favorite app from the list of nominees and the winning app gets the title of Users’ Choice App. This year, it was Microsoft Office.

Users' Choice App of 2020 - Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office does not even require any introduction. Yes, it is the same software that you have been using on your Windows PCs since your childhood days.

It is same but a minified version the actual software. Most importantly, it is free.

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Microsoft Office has every office tool that you need on the go – MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, Sticky Notes, Office Lens, etc.
Everything in the same app; unlike Google Workspace apps.

It might be tough for Google to list a competitor’s product on their own platform just because people voted it. But that’s how it works!

It has all the essential features that you would require for your casual work. Of course, there has to some limitations due to the mobile version.

If you are looking for a CamScanner alternative, Microsoft Office app is good to go.

3] Best Everyday Essentials of 2020 – Koo

Koo is an Indian micro-blogging platform where you can share your content in multiple Indian languages.

Best Everyday Essentials of 2020 - Koo App

I am seriously unaware how a social media platform comes under the ‘essential apps’ category, but deal with it!

Koo App is simple and easy to use. Users need to register their profile and they are free to share thoughts in their local language.

People can follow each other to get the content in their feed. The content can be text, audio, and video. There is even a trending section.

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I personally found this app as an Indian version of Twitter with all the similar features. Right from the logo of a birdie to the concept of micro-blogging, everything sounds familiar.

4] Best Personal Growth Apps of 2020 – Apna Job Search

Apna is a job searching platform to help users to find jobs. Even businesses can post their job openings.

Best Personal Growth Apps of 2020 - Apna Job Search

Apna App seems to be a good job portal for freshers with entry level jobs.

The company claims to have listed 10k+ active job openings and users can search them by company, location, interest, skills, etc.

Apart from job listing, it has various groups where users come and discuss the common interests. You can even make friends on this platform.

5] Best Hidden Gems of 2020 – Chef Buddy

Chef Buddy is a perfect app for small food business owners and those who want to sell their food items online.

Best Hidden Gems of 2020 - Chef Buddy

Chef Buddy allows you to build your personal store where you can list your items and take orders. Users can sell their homemade food and build their brand.

The app allows to track sales and expenses. Moreover, it even has an option to track the credits given to the customers.

I am not sure how the delivery system works on this app but that must have been taken care of! It will guide the seller.

If you are an individual chef or a tiffin provider then Chef Buddy can be a good option before directly investing in building an eCommerce store.

6] Best For Fun App of 2020 – Pratilipi FM

Pratilipi FM is an audio platform where you will find podcasts, audio books and stories in various Indian languages.

Best For Fun App of 2020 - Pratilipi FM

Currently Pratilipi FM supports 8 languages and thousands of audio books in those languages.

The app has a large collection of stories, podcasts, and audiobooks across many categories like Motivation, Self Help, Business, Spirituality & Religion, Love, Horror, Crime and Kids.

Audiobooks are recorded by experts. I didn’t find anything about Podcasts. I tried to search if normal users can submit their podcasts, I had no luck.

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My Podcast is available on 17 platforms 😉

7] Best Apps for Good – InnerHour Self-Care Therapy

Innerhour Self Care Therapy is another app focused on the mental health and similar issues.

Best Apps for Good - InnerHour Self-Care Therapy

I am not sure why Google decided to promote 2 apps from same category when we have tonne of deserving other options. But I would rather avoid commenting on it and appreciate the measures because mental health is also an important aspect to care.

In Innerhour Self Care, you can do courses, attend programs and set self care goals. Importantly, it helps you to develop some skills.

It has a specialized tracker with some professional support from therapists. It is good because professional assistance is more important in such times.

They even provide a chat bot to whom you can chat. It provides immediate support and resources.

Overall, the concept is great and much focused on mental health. It feels like a complete app that helps you to manage your stress, anger issues, anxiety, depression and even sleep issues.

Best Games of 2020

1] Best Game of 2020 – Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is a strategy card game where you need skills to strategically defeat the other players.

You need to collect various cards that have some powers to fight with your opponents.

Collect the best set of cards and you will eventually start winning the game.

I never heard about this game before Google declaring it as the best game. However, it seems a promising game from the videos and gameplays if you are a lover of strategy games.

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2] Users’ Choice Game of 2020 – World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3)

I don’t think I need to introduce this game. It is the most popular game among the cricket lovers.

I have seen my friends playing it and I would says that it looks like the most realistic cricket game present for mobile.

The graphics are great and user experience is perfect. Developers gave a minute attention to the details.

You can build your own team, select the tournaments, and play accordingly. In short, WCC3 gives you the complete freedom to play the game as per your customization.

I can totally understand why Android users voted this game. It surely deserves it.

3] Best Competitive Game of 2020 – Bullet Echo

Bullet Echo is an action strategy game where you need to unite with your friends to form a team and kill the opponents.

If you loved ‘Among Us’ game then there are chances that you would like this game as well.

The setup is similar but it is slightly different. You get to choose your heroes based on the performance.

Once you form the team by creating a room of your friends or online players, you will be left in a room with a beam of flashlight as your vision. You need to find your enemies and kill them.

Overall, the concept looks cool and you can definitely try out if you have a gang of friends willing to explore more games.

4] Best Indie Game of 2020 – Cookies Must Die

Cookies Must Die is a side-scrolling game where you need to crush your enemies.

For those who don’t know what Indie games means, here is a quick explanation for you.

Usually, the games are made in huge teams and companies.

But indie games are made by individuals or a team of 2-3 people.

Indie Games might not be that efficient but the developers definitely deserve a round of applause for managing everything on their own.

In Cookies Must Die , you need to unlock several achievements as you proceed with the levels.

Deadly jellies, angry cookies, threatening chocolates, and many more sweet but dangerous characters are present that you need to destroy.

5] Best Casual Game of 2020 – Asian Cooking Star

Asian Cooking Star is a simulation game where you need to cook dishes and food items to serve.

Best Casual Games of 2020 - Asian Cooking Star

You get to explore Asian food items and cook dishes from countries like Japan, China, Thailand, India, Middle East, South Korea, Russia etc.

In that, you have some time limits to take care of! Based on that, you will gain some points.

This is indeed a casual game to be played by non-serious gamers.

6] Best Innovative Game of 2020 – Fancade

Fancade is not a single game but a bunch of arcade games packed in one file.

If you are a lover of arcade games then you might love this game because of the complete package.

It resembles the 50-in-1 cassette of video games that we used to play in our childhood.

I personally liked the UI of this game because of the isometric views that kinda looks cool. But it’s an individual choice as some people might like it.

There is not much to say about this game as there are so many games that you might have already played in your childhood. You can surely give a try to check out those games.

Perfect for kids and casual gamers.

Quick Summary: Best Android Apps, Games, Movies, and Books

  • Best App of 2020 – Sleep by Wysa
  • Users’ Choice App of 2020 – Microsoft Office
  • Everyday Essentials of 2020 – Koo
  • Personal Growth Apps of 2020 – Apna Job Search
  • Hidden Gems of 2020 – Chef Buddy
  • Best For Fun App of 2020 – Pratilipi FM
  • App for Good – InnerHour Self-Care Therapy
  • Best Game of 2020 – Legends of Runeterra
  • Users’ Choice Game of 2020 – World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3)
  • Competitive Game of 2020 – Bullet Echo
  • Indie Game of 2020 – Cookies Must Die
  • Casual Game of 2020 – Asian Cooking Star
  • Innovative Game of 2020 – Fancade

So, pretty much that’s it. What do you think about this list of Best Android Apps of 2020? Do these apps deserve the awards?

I personally think that some apps didn’t deserve the title because nothing was new in them. They were working on the same concepts that we have seen before.

It would be great if Google promoted some apps that are unique.

Let me know which applications are you already using? Because I’d love to hear from you 🙂


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