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Best Pravas App

I started using this app 4 days back, and now I am here with the BEST Pravas App Review. So, the BEST Pravas App is a new mobile app launched by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for BEST buses in Mumbai.

I’ll give some highlights of this app. I have much more to tell which I covered in the latter part of this blog post.

BEST Pravas App Review

1] Homepage (Page 1) – Plan Your Journey

If you install this app then you will find that the complete User Interface (UI) is red in color which matches the theme of BEST buses in Mumbai. The first glance was good and I expected much out of it.

BEST Pravas App Review - Plan Your Journey

The homepage of this app will ask you if you want to search for a bus by its destination or route.

  1. Destination means to search the BEST buses from A to B points so that you know the exact number of buses.
  2. Route means to search the BEST buses by the number if you know the exact bus. So that you can track the location of buses on that route.

2] Page 2 – Explore

Pravas App Review - Explore

This gives you an option to locate the BEST bus stop nearby your location and plan your journey accordingly. Once you select your nearest bus stop, it will automatically take you to the first page. From there, you are directed to the first page.

3] Page 3 – Favorites

Pravas App - Favorites

This tab allows you to mark your favorite routes or buses so that you don’t have to search every time again and again. You can bookmark your frequent routes here.

4] Page 4 – Schedule

Pravas App - Schedule

This tab tells you about the schedules and timings of all the BEST buses. All you need to do is put the number of a particular bus and then hit the select button. There you go! You will get the complete time table.

Highlights of this BEST App

Firstly, I would like to congratulate BEST and BMC for introducing GPS to most of the buses. Also, all the buses will be GPS enabled soon.

This app is excellent for tracking BEST buses using GPS signals. It’s good that they use Google’s service for GPS.

In case you have missed my blog post on Google Maps, here is the link >> How does Google Maps Work? GPS Working Explained.

Pretty much that’s it. I swear that there is absolutely nothing in this app except that it keeps telling you the location by using GPS.

Is Pravas App Inefficient?

So, after using this app for a while I realized that there are too many bugs and this app is absolutely nothing but trash.

As a result of some quick research, I found that this app was made at a budget of a whopping Rs 112 Crore! This was reported by Mumbai Live on September 09, 2019.

Even after spending such a huge amount, they managed to build such a mediocre app. No disrespect to the technical team involved but this is simply a wastage of money.

Here are the points that became a complete turn-off.

1] GPS Pop-up

Pravas App asks you to turn on your smartphone’s GPS as soon as you enter the app. If denied, it politely closes the app. Lol!

We understand that GPS location is the highlight of this app but that doesn’t mean you won’t even allow us to enter your app without it.

2] No e-ticketing service

If BEST is launching its official app then we can at least expect an online ticketing service. So that we could book an e-ticket through the same app and show it to the conductor. It would be a great step towards the cashless economy as well.

Now, it doesn’t make any sense for many people to keep this app. Why would I keep it? Merely to monitor a bus over which I have no control?

3] Irrelevant in front of M-indicator

M-Indicator is a survival tool for all the Mumbaikers. Life is unimaginable without it. On the other hand, the Pravas app has not even reached its minimum competition criteria.

M-indicator gives you information regarding all the things such as local trains, BEST and other 7 bus services, Monorails, metro trains, ferry services, jobs, and literally everything about Mumbai.

M-Indicator App For Mumbai

Meanwhile, what does the Pravas app provides you? GPS service from BEST. That’s it.

4] Rs 112 Crore for such a trash app?

I don’t know what resources BMC used that this app cost them Rs 112 Crores. Also, I am clueless about what else and better things could be made/purchased for the same reason in the same amount.

While I was checking the net worth of Mobond company which owns M-Indicator, I found that it wouldn’t cost more than Rs 100 Crores to complete buy that company. You might check it on the Govt website of Ministries of Corporate Affairs.

Even if the board of directors didn’t let it go for Rs 100 Crores, a double amount would still be a better option than making this trash.

With the worst-case scenario, BEST could have collaborated with M-indicator to provide the GPS facilities. After all, the Pravas app is doing nothing except the GPS locations.

5] Only BEST but not really the best

It’s high time for the Govt to bring all the public transporting systems under one umbrella. If someone is traveling from Navi Mumbai to Mumbai, then will he keep 2-3 apps for the same purpose? It sounds impractical and stupid.

Therefore, M-indicator is famous and renowned for a reason that it provides each and everything under one single app.

Download Link for Pravas BEST App on Android

Download Link for Pravas BEST App on iOS

This was all about the Pravas BEST App review. So, I mentioned all the highlights and the things that I didn’t like. I hope this app will work more on the feasible changes and come out with a better version.

Also, I would like to mention that our UTS App Review is ranking on Google in the top 20. Thanks for the response.


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