Bloatware | Pre-Installed Apps on Android Phones


If you are using an Android smartphone then I bet that you have a few pre-installed apps on your smartphone.

Worst part? You can neither uninstall them not hide them. As a result, you simply feel powerless in front of these Android manufacturers.

Especially when they misuse you as if consumers simply don’t matter and can be taken for granted. Recent Xiaomi controversy is a classic example of this.

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Why Do Popular Brands Give Pre-Installed Apps On Your Smartphone?

Because they make money. As simple as that.

Why do you think Xiaomi or Chinese smartphones are so cheap with great specifications and hardware?

The main reason is that they earn by different mediums such as bloatware and system ads.

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Popular Apps like Flipkart, Amazon, Candy Crush, UC Browser, and other apps pay smartphone manufacturers. Because they know that not all users uninstall those apps.

Moreover, some users might start using those apps because they anyway can’t uninstall these apps. So they test them out and eventually start using them.

This is a typical way of cross-promotion marketing.

Apps Pay Smartphone Manufacturers

Manufacturers get money and applications get their share of promotion. Customers get their share of dissatisfaction.

That was a simple equation of bloatware.

Problems of Pre-Installed Apps

These applications suck 3 major resources from your smartphone.

1. Storage

Bloatware ends up taking all your storage and you might have already seen this for your smartphone.

The worst part is that you cannot uninstall them. So if you are not using those apps then it is nothing but a wastage of storage in your device.

2. Mobile Data

Bloatware Consume Data

Many people think that mobile data is only required when you download something or live stream a video. But that is not the case.

Each and every app sucks your mobile data behind the scenes and you won’t even know that.

But the worse part with bloatware is that you don’t even need them yet they are taking up your Internet data.

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3. Processing Power

Bloatware Consume Resources

No wonder these pre-installed apps also take away your processing power. It’s obvious that when an app is using Internet data, it is also taking some other resources of your smartphone.

All those notifications and usage need some of the processing power to keep them active.

But for what? You don’t even need them.

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Solutions To Get Away With Bloatware?

There is a highly technical way of uninstalling these bloatware by using the method of rooting your phone.

There is a highly secured part of your mobile phone where only system files are allowed. By rooting your smartphone, you reach that point.

Just understand that you are allowing everyone to reach the heart of your Android phone which was meant to be secure.

Rooting in a wrong way can permanently damage your smartphone. Also, most manufacturers end their warranty if you root your smartphone.

So, I won’t recommend you to root your smartphone. You can watch some YouTube tutorials if you are really sure about the risks and still want to do it.

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A better way is to disable these applications and hide them permanently. Follow these steps:

Go to Phone Settings >> Apps & Notifications >> Enter the App >> Select Disable

Pre-Installed Apps

Every smartphone has a different setting pattern but it might go with the similar notes.

Smartphones Without Bloatware?

I am using a smartphone where Google powers the software. It runs on pure Stock Android and has zero bloatware.

So, you can choose a smartphone that comes with a Stock Android. Stock Android comes with the vanilla flavor of Android that directly comes from Google.

Some brands that support Stock Android are – Google, Nokia, Motorola, etc.

You have another option – get an iPhone. Apple gives no bloatware and zero ads.

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So are you also willing to not buy a particular smartphone brand just because it serves too many bloatware and ads? Let me know.

Also share this post with someone who is still confused why these pre-installed apps are making his life hell.


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