Cache And Cookies | What is the Difference?

Cache & Cookies

Most of the people tend to get confused between Cache and Cookies. And it is pretty obvious. After all, both of them store something in the device and we end up clearing them.

But what is the exact difference?


Cache is the data that your device stores in your browser to load the sites faster.

Whenever you are searching for something on the Internet, your browser needs to call that information from the servers. This process takes some time.

So instead of calling the same information every time, your browser will download the data so that it can be quickly recalled next time.

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For instance, if you are accessing Facebook regularly then you might notice that some of your feed can still be accessed after turning off the Internet.

Why does it happen?

Because your browser already stored the data of your feed. Same thing applies for apps.


A cookie is data that the website owners leave on your website to track your behavior. Cookies are generally used for online marketing purposes.

Cookies contain information useful to a website — such as passwords, device, preferences, browser, IP Address, date, frequency of visits, buttons clicked, time of visit, etc.

Don’t worry. I am putting any cookies on your browser because I am not putting advertisements on my website.

If a certain website stores cookies then it will give you the notification like this:

I Accept Cookies

Basically, cookies are helpful to understand your behavior on a particular website so that required actions can be taken according to your convenience.

No, cookies are not meant for hacking or putting malware on your device. They are 100% safe and accepted all over.

Tip: Incognito mode does not store your cookies.

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Difference Between Cache and Cookies

Purpose – To make browsing fasterPurpose – To track your online behavior
Stores – Web DataStores – User Data
Space Requirement – HugeSpace Requirement -Tiny
Consists of – HTML Pages, Images, Audio, Video, JavaScript, CSS, etcConsists of – Temporary tracking data & browsing sessions
Availability – Device onlyAvailability – Device and Server
Data Sharing – NoData Sharing – Yes
Cleared – Manually onlyCleared – Manually as well as cleared automatically
Types – Browser cache data & Proxy cache dataTypes – Transient cookies & persistent cookies

What is the primary difference between Cache and Cookie?

The cache is stored in your browser to fetch the data faster. Meanwhile, cookies are used for marketing and tracking purposes.

That was a simple explanation of some common Internet concepts. If you still have any doubts related to cache and cookies then you are free to comment down below.


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