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Best Video Editing Tools

10 Best Free Video Editing Tools Available Online

As videos started becoming more and more mainstream, small businesses realized that this is the right time to enter video marketing. But they struggle to find the best video editing tools for themselves. Well-made and catchy visuals are highly effective in making the viewers understand everything about a brand very well. It also helps them in learning …

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Best Android Apps

Google Announced Best Android Apps & Games of 2020

Just like every year, Google pushed a list of the best Android apps and games of 2020. The company asks the users to vote for their favorite apps and then a list is formed based on the votes.

Some are underrated and seriously need some publicity. Honestly, even I didn’t know most of them. What were these apps about? Here is a glimpse of all these apps.

Music Players

Google Play Music Alternatives: Free Local Music Players

Google started forcing them to install their new product YouTube Music to replace it. But this created a demand for free local music players.

An offline music player is the most basic feature that comes with even the cheapest smartphones. You need not be forced to spend your Internet data to enjoy music.

So, I am listing the apps based on their complexity, starting with the minimalist.

5th and 10th are my personal favorites 😉

Best Games

12 Online Multiplayer Games To Play With Your Buddies

So I got a long weekend of 3 consecutive days and what did I do? I was testing the best online multiplayer games.
Online games can be the best solution to bring that fun element. Some games even allow you to voice chat internally and that is the best part.
So, I am listing some awesome games for you.

QR Code

Generate QR Code For Your Business

If you are an offline business then you might be having a UPI QR code on your shop or store to ensure smooth digital payments. But how about expanding your online presence using a similar technique? Just generate QR code for your online platforms and it will get a boost.

Find out how you can do the same for your business

Cloud Storage

30+ Free Cloud Storage Services For Storing Your Files

Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Hard Disks & Start Using A Cloud Storage Service
1] Hard Disks are not reliable
2] Physical Storage is limited
3] Data is cheap
4] You can access anytime and anywhere
5] Multiple free cloud storage services are available

I am listing 30+ Free cloud storage services for you

Alternatives To Chinese Apps

Non-Chinese Alternatives For Popular Chinese Apps

We started searching for all the non-Chinese alternatives for popular Chinese apps. This started with the recent viral app that removes Chinese Apps from your phone.
I am compiling a list here and I am trying to give open-source alternatives more.
I hope you find this helpful after the Swachhata Abhiyaan on your smartphone.

Video Call

Best Video Calling Apps For Family & Friends

In the last article, we discussed the best video conferencing apps that you need for official purposes. Now, I am back with the best video calling apps for connecting your family and friends.
So, here are some amazing video chatting apps for your virtual meetups.

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