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Best Smartphones Under 15000 Rupees

Best Smartphones under Rs 15000 is one of the most frequent queries because of the price range. Moreover, we cannot deny the fact that this price range gives the highest value for money products.
Upper price range merely adds a few extra features which you might not even use and improve camera quality. Other than that, absolutely nothing.
So, here are some great options for you

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Best Neckbands

Neckband Earphones Under 3000 Rupees 🎧

With the increasing trend of removing 3.5mm jacks by smartphone brands, you might be searching for the best neckband earphones under 3000 Rupees in India.
In fact, there are two types of wireless Bluetooth earphones – neckbands and earbuds. However, we will cover the truly wireless earbuds in upcoming posts.
If you observed, the demand for neckbands has drastically increased within a few months. People no more want the hustle of entangled earphones. But truly wireless earbuds go out of budget for most of the people.
So, wireless Bluetooth neckbands prove as great solutions in the most economic way.

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Best Headphones

Top 8 Headphones Under 1500 Rupees 🎧

It’s time to reveal the best headphones under Rs 1500 after the tremendous response to the previous article which was related to earphones.
So, I am up again with a quick informative article on headphones as well. In case you find it confusing with headphones and earphones, please make it clear as I tell you. Earphones consist of earbuds and wires that we insert inside our ear canals. Meanwhile, headphones cover your complete ears.

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Best Fitness Bands

Best Fitness Bands Under 5000 Rupees ⌚

Fitness trackers have been trending these days among the youth in India. Gone are the days when people wore traditional watches with a fixed analog dial.
This is an era of smartphones. No doubt, health is becoming an important issue of today’s generation. So, why not integrate health, watch and a smartphone? We got a fitness tracker for that.
After using a fitness tracker for a while, I could come up with a conclusion that a fitness tracker gives more value for money than a smartwatch.

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