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Best Power Banks

Best Power Banks Under 1000 Rupees 🔋

Forgot to charge before going to the office? Charge your phone while traveling.

Couldn’t charge because you were continuously using it? No worries!
Charge while you are working on it.
Here are some great choices for you while buying a power bank!

Best Tablets

Best Tablets Under 20000 Rupees

People look out for tablets for multiple reasons – reading, gaming, designing, or even for kids these days.
I have skipped all the mediocre products. These are some Android tablets that you can at least consider buying.
Chem them out!

Gadgets to avoid

10 Gadgets To Avoid in 2021

We all make mistakes. Some are cheap while some can cost heavily.
These mistakes are bound to cost more especially when it comes to electronic products and gadgets.
So, I am gonna tell you about 10 Gadgets that you should not buy in 2020!

Boring Phone

Boring Phone – A Minimalist Smartphone

What do you think when I say ‘Boring phone?’
Let me clarify that this is not any other crazy product from Elon Musk’s Boring company. This smartphone is literally boring and it aligns its name as well.
So, what is this Boring smartphone? Let’s explore more about this phone.

Avoid Android Tablets

Avoid Android Tablets For These 3 Reasons

There was a time when tablets suddenly boomed in the Indian market. People fall for the bigger screen. Some ad-based channels even made fool out of the viewers by tempting them with cheap tablets costing around Rs 5,000 which were, obviously trash.

If you look now, the tablet market seems to be dead. People shifted to laptops for actual work and got smartphones with a larger screen. Meanwhile, tablets kept dangling in between only to die.

But there is a segment of people who still consider buying an Android tablet. But is it really a good idea to buy an Android Tablet now?

Best Mouse

Computer Mouse Types – Find The Best Mouse For You

I still remember my school days when we had to remove our shoes before entering the computer lab. Some nasty kids didn’t even remove their stinky socks. As we entered the lab, we used to switch on our PCs and patiently wait for Windows XP to load.
Now the Windows XP is booting in its own snail speed, so what now? So, we used to play around with the mouse because that was the only thing right in our palms to play.
We came a long way with computer mice but the core technology has been the same.
Find out how!


Bloatware | Pre-Installed Apps on Android Phones

If you are using an Android smartphone then I bet that you have a few pre-installed apps on your smartphone.
Worst part? You can neither uninstall them not hide them. As a result, you simply feel powerless in front of these Android manufacturers.
Why Do Popular Brands Give Pre-Installed Apps On Your Smartphone?
Check it out

Luxury Gadgets

7 Most Luxury Gadgets in the World

Electronic devices have always been a privilege for most of us. At times you might get envious because your colleague owns the most luxury gadgets.
What if I tell you that the latest iPhone or the latest Apple product is not the most expensive electronic device?

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