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Can I Remain Anonymous by Using Incognito, VPN, or TOR?

Meanwhile, Daya and ACP reach the exact house and slam the door of the criminal. Daya slaps and the chair starts rotating in the CID headquarters. The criminal had no idea about Incognito, TOR or VPN.
This time CID team caught him using his IP Address.
That dumb fellow was using Incognito mode to hide while doing criminal activities.
People think that using Incognito mode, VPN, or TOR browser will hide them completely from the monitoring agencies like Internet Service Provider (ISPs), Police, or even Government. Is it?

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps – The Future of Mobile Web

You might be using few Progressive Web Apps daily but you never realized it. But PWA is going to sky-rocket in the future.
Everyone is addicted to smartphones now. We are burdened with so many apps, some of which we rarely use. But why do we need to download a native app in the first place?
Today we have something known as Progressive Web Apps. What the heck is that?
Check it out!

Camera Lens

Why Smartphones Use Multiple Cameras?

6 major types of smartphone cameras:
1] Standard Camera
2] Depth sensor Camera
3] Ultra-wide Sensor Camera
4] Telephoto Sensor Camera
5] Macro Sensor Camera
6] Monochrome Sensor Camera
Know about their uses

Slap Remote

Why Does Slapping a Remote Makes it Work?

I can bet all my money that you have tried slapping a remote at least once in your life. That is such a common Indian jugaad! 😛
And you know what? It even starts working most of the time!
Actually there is a scientific reason behind this.

iPhone Less RAM

Why iPhones Need Less RAM Than Android Phones?

Apple never highlights RAM numbers while launching its iPhones. Because the numbers are not worthy of boasting and iPhones need less RAM than Android phones.
Can you believe that Apple launched iPhone SE in 2020 and it merely had a RAM of 3 GB?
Now comes the real question – Why?

Inflight Wifi

How Inflight WiFi Works? List of Airlines Using It

Gone are the days when you had to shut down your mobile phones while boarding a flight. Now airlines will ask from their end to use their inflight WiFi services.
Finally, technology allowed us to access Internat while flying at thousands of feet above the ground.

Charging in Train

Why Mobile Hangs While Charging in Train?

I was traveling to my hometown last week. I saw a middle-aged man trying to operate his smartphone while charging it on the train. Obviously, he couldn’t. But why mobile hangs while charging in Train?

The answer might get slightly technical so I need your complete attention while reading this post.

After all, won’t it be nice when you will be flaunting your knowledge in front of your friends or people when you will be traveling next time? 😉

Importantly, P2 always makes Tech simple.

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