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Improve Video Call Quality

11 Tips To Improve Video Call Quality

“Am I audible to you? No? Ah! Wait. Let me adjust. Okay now? Hold on. Let me cut the call and restart it.”
This is so relatable, right?
But there are a few solutions that might slightly improve your video calling experience.

Boost Jio Speed

Increase Jio Internet Speed Upto 177% Using This Trick

I personally don’t believe in such tricks of increasing Internet speed. The Internet is full of such fake tricks. However, there is one way to slightly increase your Jio Internet speed. Most importantly, this works!

Find out how I managed to boost my Jio Internet Speed up to 177%

Disinfect Your Phone

How To Disinfect Your Phone Amid Coronavirus Outbreak?

It has become a necessary measure to disinfect your phone now. With the uplift of lockdown in many places, controlling the virus is becoming tough.
We wash our hands, disinfect our belongings but forget one important thing – a smartphone. We have some ways out.

Data Saving Tips

Data is Exhausting Faster? Here are 10 Data Saving Tips

I can see a buzz on several social media platforms that their data is exhausting faster without using much of it.
This complaint is particularly coming from Jio users.
I won’t say this particularly comes from Jio but since the download speed of Jio is higher than other operators, Jio is more vulnerable to this issue.
Of course, it depends on the speed that you get. If you are getting low speeds then your data is never going to exhaust even after downloading files for the whole day.

Eye Care Tips

7 Eye Care Tips For Computer Professionals

Almost every profession includes working on computers for long hours. To sustain for long period, you need a few eye care tips.

I am going to mention 7 ways to take care of your eyes so that you will happily work at your desktop without worrying.

Fake Xiaomi Products

How To Identify Fake Xiaomi Products?

Fake products by Xiaomi are growing in numbers day by day and I feel that the main reason is flash sales.
If the demand is so high, why won’t the opportunists leave this opportunity? They stock up the fake products and eventually sell them as well.
How will you distinguish between a real product and a fake product?

Instagram From Desktop

How To Post On Instagram From PC Browser?

I am kind of a person who avoids installing mobile apps as long as they have a web version. However, it is impossible to post on Instagram from a PC browser.
At least that is what I thought.
Finally, I found an amazing solution that I am gonna share it with you.

Phone Cover

3 Reasons Why You Must Use Your Phone Without Cover

Smartphone back covers might be the fanciest accessories that people love using for their smartphones. iPhone users are considered to be highly blessed when it comes to covers due to the wide range of variety.
However, none of these phone covers that you are using are really good for the life of your smartphone.
Try to use your phone without cover because back covers degrade your phone’s performance, battery life, charging speed, signal strength, etc.

Water Damage

How To Protect Phone From Water Damage?

How should we protect our phones from water damage in monsoon? It is a common scenario in this season that our phone gets damaged because of water.
You went out without a raincoat and it suddenly started down-pouring heavily. You didn’t even get time to settle yourself. However, you check your phone and rain has completely drenched it.
Likewise, you were operating your phone but it falls in a puddle on the ground. So, what will you do? You try operating your phone but it is dead now.
Here is a solution for you

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