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China is too conservative when it comes to technology. The Great Chinese Firewall forced them to create Chinese alternatives for all popular websites and apps.

We have already seen how they became a giant electronic manufacturing hub. We simply cannot defeat them shortly.

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If we keep going by the current progressive rate and they keep going at their current pace, we will never be able to compete with them.

Yes, that’s a bitter reality.

Do you know China is not only ruling the Indian market with hardware and daily items but it is also strongly ruling us in the software market?

But China doesn’t even allow American companies to enter its borders.
Let’s not talk about Indian companies, because we simply don’t have any impactful brands!

The world is using all their electronic gadgets and software. Meanwhile, China doesn’t use Google or YouTube like us.

Popular Apps & Websites And Their Chinese Alternatives

1] Chinese Alternative For Google – Baidu

Chinese Alternative For Google - Baidu

Even Chinese people need a search engine but Google is banned by the Chinese Govt. So what will they use?

China has a great Google alternative ‘Baidu’ and it is completely working in the Chinese language.

Even English works fine but the results are not too great. It is meant for the Chinese language and it does a great job.

Similar to Google, it has all other services like Baidu Images, Baidu Videos, Baidu Maps, etc.

Baidu has 1.2 Billion, active monthly users, as compared to Google’s 2 Billion active monthly users.

Being the number 1 app in China, it holds 76.05 percent of China’s market share. Undoubtedly, almost all Baidu users are Chinese.

Baidu Search Engine | Link

Other players in the search engine market include Qihoo360 and Sogou.

2] Chinese Alternative For Google Maps – Baidu Maps

Chinese Google Maps - Baidu Maps

Similar to Google Maps, it has everything like Navigation, Street View, Suggestions, Ratings, and Reviews.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any English version. It is completely Chinese.

Surprisingly it understood my English keyword ‘Mumbai’ and it showed me the exact location. However, the internal details are not so accurate.

According to the old data of 2016, Baidu Maps had 348 Million users while Google crossed 1 Billion users in 2016.

Baidu Maps | Link

Other navigation apps like AutoNavi and Apple Maps also have a good amount of share in the market. Also, people heavily use Google Maps using VPNs.

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3] Chinese Alternative For YouTube – Youku Tudou

Chinese YouTube - Youku Tudou

China banned Google because of YouTube in 2007. This is where the whole matter got ignited.

A few videos showing Chinese forces beating Tibetans in Lhasa got viral on YouTube. Chinese claimed these videos to be fake and banned YouTube from their country.

The huge difference between YouTube and Youku is that creators can set up their online stores with their Youku channel. In this way, visitors can directly buy the products after watching the video.

I found this concept pretty good.

Youku | Link

Other famous video streaming platforms include Sohu, Sina, Tencent, NetEase, Baidu, Phoenix New Media, PCauto, Chinafinanceonline, AutoHome, and BitAuto.

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4] Chinese Alternative For Social Media – WeChat, QQ, Xiaohongshu, Weibo

Okay. Let me be clearer now.

Chinese WeChat, QQ, Xiaohongshu, Weibo
  • Whatsapp = WeChat
  • Facebook = QQ
  • Twitter = Weibo
  • Instagram = Xiaohongshu
  • Tinder = Tantan

Every social media is different but they all come under social networking platforms. So, I found some equivalent Chinese alternatives that are way too close.

WeChat is even popular worldwide but it is the primary instant messaging platform in China. Except that it is not as simple as Whatsapp.

QQ is completely China-oriented and it has a feed section with the ability to add friends. Hence, it is close to Facebook.

Weibo seems to be a micro-blogging platform where people share their thoughts on the latest news.

Xiaohongshu is an image-based platform but it is only available in Chinese. Hence it is a great alternative to our Instagram.

Meanwhile, people in China have their own dating app Tantan where the UI is exactly similar to Tinder. The same left-right swipes are to be done to match.

5] Chinese Alternative For Amazon – Ali Express

Ali Express

I don’t need to mention much about AliExpress since most of the people might have heard about it. Alibaba Group owns it.

Amazon might not be working in China but AliExpress works everywhere. If you ever want to import Chinese items then this is your platform. It delivers you to India but it takes much more time.

AliExpress | Link

6] Chinese Alternative For Uber – DiDi

Chinese Alternative For Uber - DiDi

If you ever get to visit China and you need to book a cab, your Uber won’t work there. DiDi will rescue you. Literally! 😉

DiDi is currently working in multiple countries – Australia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Japan, Mexico, and of course, China.

No wonder they didn’t allow Uber or Ola to even enter its premises and expand their services globally.

DiDi Global | Link

Not only cabs but you can even rent a bicycle in China using Mobike App or Ofo App.

7] Chinese Alternative For Uber Eats – WaiMai


I am mentioning Uber Eats because it is still the largest Food Delivery App in the world. Although it has been acquired by Zomato in India we are considering the global levels.

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Waimai is having strong support from Tencent and it has more than 61.3% of the Chinese market share alone.

Waimai | Link

8] Chinese Alternative For Paypal – Alipay


Paypal was the first player in the UPI payments. Then we got Paytm for India.

But what about China? Their economy is having a huge space for online payments so they might be using some apps. Definitely not Paypal or Paytm.

Chinese use Alipay. More than 1.2 Billion people use Alipay globally.

Since the cash circulation is less in China, almost everyone uses Alipay. All their counters have barcodes to pay digitally.

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9] Chinese Alternative For Google Chrome Browser – UC Browser

The fact is that Chinese people use Google Chrome using a VPN. Hence, technically the highest browser share goes to Google Chrome even in China.

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But looking at the picture, UC Browser is their browser and it has more than 10% of the total share.

I don’t need to give any link for UC Browser because you might be already having it if you own a Chinese brand.

10] Chinese Alternatives For Google Play Store

Chinese Alternatives For Google Play Store

You might be wondering that if China has banned all Google platforms then how do Chinese people install Android apps?

The answer is that every Chinese phone has its own App Store. There is no single Play Store on every phone.

For instance, Oppo App Store, Oppo App Store, Huawei App Store, Xiaomi App Store, Vivo App Store are a few to name.

Other significant players working individually include Tencent My App Store, 360 Mobile Assistant, Baidu Mobile Assistant, PP Assistant, China Mobile MM Store, Anzhi Market, etc.

Similarly, they use iQiyi as an alternative to our Netflix, and QQ Music is used instead of Spotify.

In short, they have all the essential apps and websites.

That was about the Chinese Alternatives to our popular apps and websites. We got it! We got it how China is conservative enough to not let anyone enter their market.

But they are ruling international markets.

Top Chinese Apps Used in India

  1. TikTok
  2. LIKE
  3. Kwai
  4. Helo
  5. TrueCaller
  6. Xender 
  7. SHAREit
  8. Cam Scanner
  9. PUBG 
  10. ES File Explorer
  11. Clean Master
  12. Clash of Kings
  13. WeChat
  14. UCBrowser 
  15. UCBrowser Mini
  16. DU recorder
  17. LiveMe
  18. VivaVideo
  19. Bigo Live
  20. Vigo Video
  21. BeautyPlus
  22. Parallel Space
  23. SelfieCity
  24. Photo Wonder
  25. Vault-Hide
  26. YouCam Makeup
  27. CM Browser
  28. WeSync
  29. LivU
  30. Mobile Legends
  31. ClubFactory
  32. Shein
  33. Romwe
  34. AppLock
  35. Club Factory
  36. VMate
  37. Game of Sultans
  38. Mafia City
  39. Battle of Empires
  40. Turbo VPN

This is just a small list. In fact, the Indian Government made a list of 42 Chinese Apps that were found to be dangerous.

[Here is the list: Financial Express Report]

I’d only say that people often angrily say phrases like ‘Boycott Chinese Products’ or ‘Ban China’. But the reality is that we are too dependent on China now.

Are you searching for an Alternative to Chinese Apps? I am linking the article. Check it out.

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Let me know what else did you observe that comes from China.

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