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There are several types of a computer mouse. Work from home has forced many people to get one for their office work. If you are looking for a mouse under 1000 Rupees, you are in the right place. This is a common price range of buying a mouse.

Perhaps, most of us can’t even imagine operating a computer without a mouse. Some computer geeks do it and honestly, a computer can fully function without a mouse. But a mouse has always been holding old nostalgic memories.

I still remember my school days when we had to remove our shoes before entering the computer lab. Some nasty kids didn’t even remove their stinky socks. As we entered the lab, we used to switch on our PCs and patiently wait for Windows XP to load.

Now the Windows XP is booting in its own snail speed, so what now? So, we used to play around with the mouse because that was the only thing right in our palms to play.

I don’t know how many of you are able to relate but that was the time when mice used to have rubber balls. Those were mechanical mice. Now they are almost non-existent. Now you see a LED light.

Why? Let’s find out.

There are commonly 3 Types of Computer Mouse

  1. Mechanical Mouse
  2. Optical Mouse
  3. Infrared Mouse

One thing is common in working for all types of mice – they all work in 2D with reference to X-coordinates and Y-coordinates. The only difference lies is in the way of working.

1] Mechanical Mouse

This is an ancient technology that you used to see in your school labs. There is a rubber ball at the bottom of the mouse and it tracks the movement.

Computer Mouse Types - Mechanical Mouse

As you move the mouse, the ball tracks the movement. This movement gives a signal to the mouse about the direction and hence your pointer moves accordingly. In short, the trackball decides the movement.

However, there were several downfalls of using a mechanical mouse.
The ball jammed after a few years. Even dust particles would obstruct the smooth movement.
Or it could be removed easily.

Hence, a mechanical mouse is no longer in use now.

2] Optical Mouse

Nowadays, those balls are no longer present. LED lights have taken place now.

Computer Mouse Types - Best Optical Mouse Under 1000

The mouse throws out a red LED light that bounces off the surface to collect the movement activities. To be slightly technical, CMOS sensors sense the movements from the bounced LED lights.

Then your pointer moves as per the direction that sensor understands. This is the reason why your mouse won’t work on a smooth surface like glass or metal. But who uses it that way? We anyway use a mouse pad.

Since the movements are tracked by LED light, we don’t face any issues like jamming of mouse.

In case you’re looking for buying one, here are some great recommendations for you.

Best Wired Mice Under 500 Rupees
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Best Wireless Mice Under 1000 Rupees
[Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse | Amazon Link] ~ I am personally using it.

3] Infrared Mouse

Trackball mice had a limitation of smoothness so we switched to optical mice. Now optical mice had limitations to work on smooth and transparent surfaces. So we came up with infrared mice.

An infrared mouse uses infrared rays instead of LED rays. The mouse takes several pictures in a minute and gets to understand the exact movement of the mouse.

This is mostly used for presentation purposes where the presenter has to control remotely.
But honestly, optical mouses are still the best for official and domestic usage.

Which one should you get?

It depends on your usage. If you are a gamer then no other mouse other than a wired one is better for you. Wireless mouse might give you an experience of latency.

If you are a casual office worker who doesn’t like the hassle of cables then a wireless mouse is a great choice. Even an infrared mouse can work for you.

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