Data is Exhausting Faster? Here are 10 Data Saving Tips

Data Saving Tips

I can see a buzz on several social media platforms that their data is exhausting faster without using much of it.

This complaint is particularly coming from Jio users.

I won’t say this particularly comes from Jio but since the download speed of Jio is higher than other operators, Jio is more vulnerable to this issue.

[Economic Times Report: Jio tops 4G download speed chart, Vodafone leads in upload: TRAI data]

Of course, it depends on the speed that you get. If you are getting low speeds then your data is never going to exhaust even after downloading files for the whole day.

If your speed is decent then you might face these issues. There are several reasons behind this. Let’s dig them one by one.

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Reasons Why Your Data is Exhausting Faster

  1. Social Media platforms
  2. Keeping too many Apps
  3. Auto backup, auto-downloads, and auto-updates

These are merely the major reasons for the sudden jump in the data exhaustion. I have mentioned a few more data saving tips.

Let’s check them out one by one.

1. Social Media Platforms

This is the biggest reason for the sudden rise of data exhaustion. You are definitely addicted to TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook.

In short, any platform that is based on videos is going to consume your data heavily.

You don’t believe it?

I know you need stats and here are my personal data usage stats.

App Date Usage

This is my app data usage for the period between 13th January to 14th February.

These numbers might increase for you if you are using apps like TikTok or Helo because those are completely video-based platforms.

Moreover, TikTok videos load automatically while you are watching a particular video. Even if you don’t want some video to load, that’s not under your control. The app will load 3-4 upcoming videos in advance.

In my case, it is Instagram but do you know how much time do I spend on Instagram?

Activity on Instagram

That’s less than 29 minutes per day – along with 3 accounts. Yes, I have 3 Instagram accounts.

Also, I don’t consume much but I use Instagram only for posting and business purposes.

Now if you are an Instagram addict who goes on scrolling infinitely then do your own analysis.

You can disable the auto-loading of videos on these applications. It might take some time but it will definitely same some data for you.

2. Installed Too Many Applications

An average Indian mobile user installs around 50 applications on a smartphone. This might vary from 5 apps to 200 apps depending on the users.

[First Post Report: Average Indian Smartphone User Installs Around 50 Apps On Their Phone]

Although this is an old data of 2018, I believe that the number has grown up since then.

I personally have 75 apps right now and let me tell you that I strongly believe in keeping what I need. So all of them are my daily or weekly apps.

But I know many people who have installed every other application that counts more than 100.

Data is Exhausting Faster

Each of these applications consumes some data in the background. It’s usually more than 1 MB if you are using it.

Now imagine these 100+ apps consuming all your data in the background and you are clueless about it.

Your 100-200 MB of data is easily getting drained for no reason.

The solution here is to restrict your background data from your Phone Settings.

Also, uninstall the apps that you don’t need much frequently.

3. Auto Backup, Auto Updates, and Auto Downloads

Whatsapp automatically backs up all the data on your Google Drive at 2 AM. So, till the time you wake up at night, most of your data has already vanished.

Also, turn off the auto-updates of your Google Play Store. It automatically updates all your apps. It’s good if you are connected to WiFi but mobile data can be severely affected by auto-updates.

Most importantly, turn off the auto-download option on your Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook. These apps automatically download media files as soon as you receive them.

More Data Saving Tips

  • Limit yourself to one Browser – Browsers work a lot behind the scenes because it needs to keep updating the data of fresh content. Use a cleaner browser like Google Chrome or Opera instead of using Chinese browsers like UC Browser, MI browser, etc.
  • Switch off the Data when not in use – I won’t recommend this unless you are totally running out of data. Switching off the data stops the background activities altogether.
  • Disable Auto Sync – If your Gmail or browser is set on auto-sync then it would be a better thing to turn them off because it is continuously working in the background. You can always fetch the data by refreshing manually.
  • Use WiFi – Places like Mumbai and Delhi are providing free WiFi at public places. Moreover, many cafes and hotels have free WiFi. Try to leverage that facility.
  • Download Maps – Saving maps in offline mode while using Google maps will help to save a tonne of data while traveling.
  • Avoid Clearing Cache – Many people have a habit of clearing cache memory of phones as well as browsers to make some space. Don’t do it. Your device downloads it again and it takes more data.
  • Turn off the notifications – When your notifications are enabled, the app has to consume some data to fetch those notifications. It’s better to disable them for the apps that you don’t need. You anyway end up wasting more data by clicking that notification and spending some time there.

Summary: 10 Data Saving Tips if your Data is Exhausting Faster

  1. Disable the auto-loading of HD videos on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook
  2. Uninstall the extra apps that you don’t use frequently
  3. Disable auto-updates, auto-downloads, and auto-backups
  4. Use clean and limited browsers
  5. Switch off your data when not in use
  6. Disable auto-sync
  7. Use WiFi when possible
  8. Download Maps
  9. Avoid clearing cache data
  10. Turn off the notifications

So, if your data is exhausting faster then you can implement all these tricks.

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Personally, I would suggest that you can install a WiFi router from a local operator because that is cheaper and stability is higher.

Don’t use JioFiber or Airtel WiFi. They are not really good as compared to most of the local ISPs.

Let me know how much data you consume per day.


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