Digital Terminus – Introducing The New Android App

Digital Terminus App

“Your Digital Terminus” has always been our tagline on this website. This app aims to bring all the platforms under one umbrella.

Digital Terminus means that you won’t need to go anywhere else for your research once you land on our website.

That has been my motto while providing the content here. And this mission is pretty successful.

I don’t endorse it but our numbers do!

But there was a problem. Since we have so many platforms that it gets difficult to bounce from one platform to another.

So, I am here with a solution.

Digital Terminus Android Application

Introducing The All-in-One Android App.

Digital Terminus Android Application

18th February 2019 was my 22nd Birthday and I launched this website because birthdays should be about bringing value.

Trust me, nobody is interested in your birthday except for a few close people we have.

That’s the harsh truth. Half of the messages, calls, and DMs that you get come from Facebook Notifications.

So how about marking your birthday as something valuable for someone? Make it worth remembering.

Hence, I am launching this Android App on 18th February 2020, that is, my 23rd birthday.

Installing The App

Unfortunately, the app won’t be present on the Google Play Store for now because of some issues. Let’s talk about it later.

It will be exclusively available on my website only.

Step 1: Download the APK File

We always need an APK file to install any app on our smartphones. I have given an easy button to download your copy.

Once you download the APK file, it will be stored on the storage of your device.

The real process starts now.

Step 2: Give Permission: Super Important

This is the most important step to proceed further.

Go to your phone’s settings >> Security >> Enable ‘Unknown Sources’

If you have a new smartphone, you can directly search that in your settings.

Allow Apps From Unknown Sources

You can disable it later once our app is installed 😉

Step 3: Install the Application

Install the Digital Terminus Application

However, this process is not really simple.

You will be provoked by Google that this is a dangerous app or it might harm your device.

Here are 2 warnings that you might get:

Google Play Protect Warnings

Warning 1: Google Play Protect doesn’t recognize this App’s Developer

This is pretty natural because I have never developed an app before. This is my first Android Application and hence Google has never seen me before! 🙂

Select “Install Anyway” to install this application. Otherwise, it won’t!

Warning 2: Google Play Protect has not seen this App before. Send it for a security scan

Send it for scanning. It’s always good to send new apps for security scanning so that it won’t act as Malware.

I know my app is not the one. Send it to scan 😉

Step 4: Open The App and Enjoy

Once you install the app, you will find 6 tabs for now:

  1. Blog – This is where our blogs from are listed
  2. Store – Remember that we have an eCommerce store where we recommend amazing gadgets?
  3. Facebook – I post daily about Digital Marketing and Technology on Instagram. Facebook replicates our Instagram page.
  4. Free Cybersecurity Ebook – I have made some arrangements for you to be digitally secure! Cheers!
  5. What’s Next? – All are upcoming plans
  6. About me – A brief introductory part about me as an author of this app.

Fun Fact: This application is not asking for any hardware permission right now.
You can check it out 🙂 

I hope you find this application helpful so that we can move further to launch the second version of this app.

What’s next?

Currently, I am contributing to 19 Platforms.

Yes, that’s right.

Most of them are still under the testing phase.

However, I can guarantee one thing: FREE Content For Everyone!

You don’t like reading long articles? I understand.

  1. Do you like listening? Audio Content for you
  2. Do you like watching? Video Content for you
  3. Language Barrier? Free Content in Hindi & Marathi for you! 

So, what is your excuse for not educating yourself now? 

I’ll be updating this application. You will find it on my website. 

Digital Terminus – Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is this app not available on Google Play Store?

I won’t be publishing it on Google Play Store. Don’t worry, it’s not about Google policies. The only reason for not publishing it on the Google Play Store is that it is costly. 

Is money the only factor for not publishing on Google Play Store?

I apologize for the inconvenience but building an Application is expensive and publishing it is costly as well.
Providing Free Content is expensive 🙂 

Can I fund this App?

If you find it worthy, why not? 😀

Is this application available for iOS devices?

No. It’s only available for Android users at this moment.

I am an iOS developer. Can I make this application for iOS users?

Yes. All the content on my platforms is freely available. If anyone is interested in building an iOS app for your portfolio then you can make one.

Where can I find this app to download?

You will find a page on where I will be updating the app with the latest version! Right now, it is available on this page.

That’s it for this version. Currently, it supports only 3 applications – Blog, Store, and Facebook.

More platforms to come. Cheers.


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