How To Disinfect Your Phone Amid Coronavirus Outbreak?

Disinfect Your Phone

It has become a necessary measure to disinfect your phone now. With the uplift of lockdown in many places, controlling the virus is becoming tough.

We wash our hands, disinfect our belongings but forget one important thing – a smartphone. We have some ways out.

But before knowing it, you should know what you don’t need to do to clean your phone.


  1. Wash your phone under running tap water
  2. Use spirit, alcohol or harsh chemicals
  3. Use nail polish remover or thinner
  4. Rub smartphone on your shirt, saree or under-garments

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5 Ways To Clean Your Phone

Some of the methods that I am mentioning include killing off bacteria while others merely clean the dirt. Use these methods accordingly.

Also, check if your smartphone tells you to avoid any of the methods. Especially liquid cleaners.

1. Microfiber Cloth

You can use the microfiber cloth that you got with your glasses or glares. It is a smooth cloth that is perfect to clean the phone glass.

Microfiber Cloth

Although this method won’t kill the virus or bacteria, it is a good way to clean and remove the breeding microorganisms on your phone.

Moreover, this practice is pretty good to protect your cell phone screen from fingerprint marks and other oily dirt.

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2. Antibacterial Tissues

Antibacterial Tissues are moist wipes that are mostly used in places like hospitals, fitness centers, daycares, etc to kill the majority of the bacteria.

Antibacterial Tissues

So, you can use these antibacterial wipes to clean your smartphones because they are totally safe for your gadgets.

These tissues won’t damage your gadgets because of the liquids but clean them thoroughly.

Usually, these wipes are costly but since we need them for cleaning our gadgets, we can use some cheaper alternatives as well.

[Cross Roads Germishield Bacteria Remover Cleansing Wipes | Amazon Link]

3. Mobile Cleaning Liquids

Sometimes tissues and microfiber cloths are not sufficient but you need some thorough cleaning of your smartphones.

At such times, these products come in the game.

Take this liquid on a clean cotton cloth and gently rub your smartphone.

Make sure that you turn off your smartphone while doing this so that it won’t harm your device.

Also, take care that the ports and openings of your phone don’t get filled by liquids.

[Smartphone Liquid Sanitizer | Amazon Link]

4. Formalin Tablets

I got to know this from a few medical frontline warriors. They made a box with a few formalin tablets in it.

Whenever they return from their duty, they keep their belongings in this box along with those tablets. After 2-3 hours, pull your belongings out of that box.

Disinfect Your Belongings using Formalin Tablets

Warning: These tablets are extremely bad-smelling and they might bring tears if you remain in their contact. Also, if kept in open, they might spoil the aroma of the surrounding. The smell disappears after 1-2 hours.

5. Gadget Sterilizers

The above-mentioned techniques are good for normal people but if you have an ill or unhealthy person then you should definitely use this technique.

Sterilization is a process to remove bacteria and micro-organisms from a gadget by using UV rays.

There are several gadget sterilizers in the market that completely sterilize and kill the bacteria on your gadgets.

Yes, these sterilizers are specifically meant to clean your delicate things like – smartphones, earphones, ornaments, toothbrushes, keys, and even baby products.

These products might slightly get expensive because of the value they are providing but it is totally worthy.

I personally find this is the best way to disinfect your phone.

So, I am linking a few sterilizers.

Disinfect Your Phone using Mobile Sterilizer

[Mobitizer Mobile Sanitizer| Amazon Link]

Disinfect Your Phone TRU-V UVCare X

[TRU-V UVCare X | Amazon Link]

This is a must-have product if you have kids and they have a habit of fondling with your phone.

So, that’s all about protecting your smartphone from dirt.

Quick Overview: Disinfect Your Phone Using These Methods

  1. Clean Cell Phone using a microfiber cloth
  2. Use an antibacterial tissue
  3. Leverage the mobile cleaning liquids
  4. Use formalin tablets
  5. Get a device sterilizer

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