Free Basket of Cadbury Chocolates – What is the Truth?

Free Cadbury

Cadbury is giving away 1500 Free basket of Cadbury Chocolates to celebrate Anniversary. Get your free basket at <<XYZ link>>

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As soon as the festive season starts in India, Whatsapp University starts rolling out its timetable and syllabus. Then you get Cadbury Chocolates for Diwali or Adidas shoes for Christmas. The chain of forwards never stops.

Many of you might have already received this message on Whatsapp. After all, everyone wants to grab a basket of Cadbury chocolates. And the only thing you need to do is share on Whatsapp, so why not?

However, how will you exactly get these baskets of Cadbury chocolate? What is the real process?

Let’s find it out!

How To Get Free Basket of Cadbury Chocolates?

Initially, I ignored this message but when I received the same message from more than 5 contacts, it was the time to write this content out!

As soon as I received this message, I understood that it is fake in a single glance.

In fact, I have written a dedicated blog post on identifying fake websites.

In case you have missed it | Ways To Detect Fake Websites

Here are some evidences of being fake.

1] URL Security

Free Basket of Cadbury Chocolates

No reputed website will be having such an insecure website. For those who don’t know: if a website URL is starting with ‘HTTPS’ then it is more secure than ‘HTTP’ websites.

For instance >>

Although it is not a full-proof way of finding out the security because every website gets the SSL certificate these days. Not a big deal. But if it is missing even for a large brand, something is fishy. Larger brands take care of such things.

2] Fake Website Name

The website which this link directs us is not even the official website of Cadbury but a dummy website. It might look similar but it is not the same.

Here is the official websites of Cadbury: Cadbury India

Also, that fake website does not exist anymore. Such websites are often created temporarily for data collection and disposed off. Also, most of the reputed hosting services suspend such accounts.

3] Too many Errors

I don’t recommend to click on such suspicious links that you receive on Whatsapp.

I have entered to take a screenshot for this blog post. Also, I do that only after making sure that it won’t harm my device.

Free Basket of Cadbury Chocolates

After entering this URL, I found couple of issues here which anyone could notice.

  • The ‘Remaining Meals’ are constant: I visited this URL twice. Firstly I visited it yesterday night and now for the second time to take a screenshot.
    • The number of meals is 250 from yesterday which is highly improbable for such a huge brand with a viral Whatsapp message. So, does that mean nobody has tried this game for 12 hours?
    • The answer is that the scammer has printed the same message no matter how many times you visit.
  • Too many grammatical mistakes: Read and observe the complete page carefully. Is Cadbury running short of money to pay good copywriters?

Get Your Answer Here | Why Do Spammers Misspell Words?

4] Always an Error Message

Okay, so I tried to proceed to the next step and that was to continue after sharing on Whatsapp.

I just pressed the share icon and exited Whatsapp without sharing this message with anyone.

Got this pop-up:

I didn’t even share with a single person yet this scammer thinks that I have shared with 4 people. Pretty optimistic!

Again, this is a static page that will take you nowhere.

You will keep sharing more and more until your groups and contacts will exhaust.

Finally, you will accept the defeat and return back with your broken dreams.

5] Cadbury on Whatsapp and Nowhere Else?

Cadbury is such a huge brand.

Will it whisper in people’s ears like this? Cadbury will never ask you to fill these silly forms using Whatsapp.

Also, don’t you think they even have a proper budget to run ads on Television, YouTube, newspapers, and all the social media?

You would have seen all these campaigns using their signature subtitle, ‘Kuch meetha ho jaye’

6] Most Important Point For A Business

Such giveaways, freebies, discounts, and other such strategies are implemented to boost the sales during an off-season when no one is having any chance to buy the product.

A business would never do such things in the peak season like Rakshabandhan or Diwali. It would be a blunder on the side of marketing team.

Will you get a Free Basket of Cadbury Chocolates?

No. This message is fake that is going viral over Whatsapp and Facebook.

Share this post and educate others who sent you this message.

Do you still have this question? If yes, then you can check out my other blog post where I have mentioned how to verify such fake forwarded messages.

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