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If you are an offline business then you might be having a UPI QR code on your shop or store to ensure smooth digital payments. But how about expanding your online presence using a similar technique? Just generate QR code for your online platforms and they will get a boost.

Marketing is a different topic altogether but let’s talk about generating one for yourself.

We are dealing with QR codes on a daily basis. Especially in the times of pandemic where everything has to be without any contact, QR codes come to rescue.

“Scan the QR code here”
Once you scan a PayTM QR code, you just have to enter the amount. The payment is carried out smoothly.

But have you ever wondered how this simple printed piece works? What is the technology here?

What is a QR Code?

What is a QR Code?

QR Code stands for ‘Quick-Response Code’

If you observe a QR Code, it is generally a square box that has different textures and patterns. Also, there are 3 smaller squares at the edge of this QR code. A large number of lines are present around these 3 blocks.

These lines contain a huge amount of encoded data. Now, encoding means to convert a particular data in some other form. Here, the information is converted into a QR code.

Whenever a scanner will point an image in such a format, it will automatically understand that it is a QR code with some valuable information. A QR code can store any information like text, URL Links, contact number, etc.

In short, you can store any data in a QR code and the same data can be extracted anytime when the time demands. Everything gets online.

How To Generate QR Code For Your Business?

There are many websites out there that can generate a QR code for you. You can just Google it out.
However, I use this website for QR code generation: QRStuff

Too many options and awesome features. Also, it is cheaper than almost all of its competitors in the market.
Don’t worry. Generating QR codes is free. They only charge if you need some advanced features.

What information can I put in my QR Code ?

Possibilities are endless. As a business, here’s what you can do using a QR code.

  • Website Link
  • App Link
  • Phone Number
  • Contact Details
  • Location
  • SMS Message
  • Business Card
  • Attendance of your employees
  • Event
  • WiFi Login
  • Email Address
  • Email Message
  • YouTube Channel
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Skype Call
  • PDF file
  • Image File
  • DropBox Link
  • iTunes Link
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • FourSquare
  • Plain Text with some message for your customers 🙂

Other Features When You Generate Your QR Code

You can even change the colors or put your logo in your QR code.
Imagine a custom QR code with your logo and business theme colors in your office. Your customers can scan the code and reach where you want to redirect them!

Looks cool, right?

  1. You can change the size and resolution as per your requirements
  2. Changing the shape and color of dots is possible
  3. Corners can be set to square or circle, along with the color changing option
  4. Finally, you can download your QR code in PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.

Tip: Keep your QR code as simple as possible without much detailing because it simpler QR codes are easier and faster to scan.

Using these customization, I have made out something for myself. You can check it out 😉

Generate QR Code For Your Business

Analytics: For Serious Businesses

Content without analytics is garbage on the Internet. I mean it.

If you can’t track how your customers engage with your online brand then I would recommend staying offline. There’s no difference in traditional marketing and digital marketing without analytics.

In this era, data is the new oil and it comes at a cost.

Sure, you can generate QR code for free but this tracking needs monthly subscription.

The monthly subscription starts at around Rs 800 which is much cheaper than other services with more features. Moreover, price declines as you purchase the subscription for more duration.
Pretty good deal for any business.

How can my customers scan a QR Code?

Although many phones come with an inbuilt QR code scanner in their camera app, some phones still lack the option.

The first option is the Google Lens which gets activated if you tell your Google Assistant to do so. Secondly, you can install a third-party application from the Play-store or App-store. You will get hundreds of such applications.

Why should I encode my Information in a QR Code when I can share directly?

Two reasons – tracking and convenience.

  1. As I mentioned, tracking is important when you want to grow your business online. You can optimize your strategies and content according to your customer behavior. Sounds cool, right?
  2. You can share each and every link or information just by using this little square box. Print it on some hoarding or newspaper Ad. You can even print your QR code on your products.

So, now you know what QR code is and how it works. Now I leave it up to you to use it more creatively to enhance your brand and business.

I have dozens of ideas about marketing your business online using something as simple as QR Codes. Want to check for yourself?
Contact Me!


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