Google Activity Bubbles Might Curb Your Mobile Addiction

Google Bubbles

I recently installed this Google Activity Bubbles application to see how it works. Honestly, it seemed to be a good initiative by Google’s Digital Wellbeing Project.

What is Google Wellbeing Program?

Google identified that mobile addiction is a serious and growing issue that needs some control and awareness. Hence, the company introduced a dashboard where you get to see how much time you spend on your smartphone.

It also shows the amount of time you unlock your smartphone. In addition, the dashboard has all the data regarding your individual app usage.

You will get to see this in any Android phone beyond the Android 9 Pie version.

My Stats

I randomly checked my Digital Wellbeing stats and shockingly found that I unlock my phone around 50 times per day. Although most of my tasks are managed on my PC and I seldom use my phone.

On top of that, I don’t even consider myself a phone addict as it doesn’t affect my lifestyle. I have turned off the notifications for all the applications.

Yet, I found that I unlock my smartphone 50 times a day and that is a huge number for me.

So, I decided to install this Android App.

Working of Activity Bubbles By Google

This app is cool and simple.

You merely need to install this app and it will ask you to set itself as a wallpaper.

Once you set it, this is how you will get to see your wallpaper.

Google Activity Bubbles

Pretty blank and clean, right?

But can you see a bubble at the bottom of the screen? Yes, the one that I highlighted with an arrow.

This is just one now but an extra bubble starts bouncing down with every unlock. Hence, the more you unlock your smartphone – the more the bubbles.

Also, if you keep your screen on for a longer time then a large bubble appears on your wallpaper.

As you understood – the more you use your phone, the larger will be the bubble.

And this is how my screen is looking at the end of the day.

Google Activity Bubbles Wallpaper

I know it looks ugly but that makes you realize how badly you messed up your day instead of being productive.

The screen gets cleared at the start of the day, that means, at 12 AM.

It’s a good app to constantly make you realize about the flowing time and your phone usage.

Activity Bubbles on Google Playstore – Download Link

Currently, this app is not available for iOs users.

Activity Bubbles Review

I personally liked the concept of adding a bubble with every unlock and pushing larger bubbles for more screen time.

However, this looks ugly to me. Google could at least give us some options to change colors or shapes.

Currently, the app has no feature other than a button to set it as a wallpaper. I understand Google loves being simple but isn’t it too simple?


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