Have I Been Pwned? Check Your Email Security Now

Have I Been Pwned

‘Have I Been Pwned’ is the oldest website that checks whether your email or personal information has been compromised in any data breaches.

Data breaches have become a daily thing now. Companies accidentally leak the huge database every now and then.

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But how would you know about your email data and security? Stats about data breaches are surprising and horrible.

We got a tool – Have I been Pwned?

This is a free and foolproof website on the Internet that definitely deserves a shoutout. It tracks down the breaches, verifies them and helps you with the information.

How To Use ‘Have I Been Pwned’ Website

Step 1: Vist the website and put your Email Address

Here is the official website where you can visit and enter your email ID to know the details.

You will get an option to enter your Email ID in the search box.

Step 2: Hit the button on the right side which says “Pwned?”

I have a personal Gmail account that I never use for logging to any website or app. It is completely safe.

However, I have a disposable Gmail Account that I use everywhere and it has been pwned once.

Here I got my result.

Have I Been Pwned - Data Breached

Damn! The Clash of Kings Game!

The data breach exposed my Email Address, Password, IP Address, and username.

Something that I did when I was innocent and foolish 5 years back.

The only thing I am happy about myself is that I keep changing my passwords regularly and it is also accompanied by 2-factor authentication security.

I’d recommend you to do the same.

The data breach happened in July 2016 and that data is no longer relevant.

However, I am concerned about those people who keep signing with their personal email IDs and never change their passwords.

May God bless their accounts!

Also, the chances are there that you might get a result like this:

Have I been Pwned - No pwnage found

Then congratulations! Your data is completely safe and never found in any breaches 🙂

However, I would strongly suggest you to keep changing passwords periodically and activate 2-factor authentication.

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How does this website work?

Whenever a data breach comes into the picture, this website starts crawling and dumps all the data on its servers.

Once it gets all the data, it will keep scanning for what data it can extract from the dumps.

While you put your email ID, it will automatically search for your email ID in its database and immediately notify you the result.

Now let me tell you that it is not necessary that if your data is not appearing publicly then it has never been a part of the data breach.

Sometimes hackers never expose them publicly. Hence, you still need to be safe while handling your data.

However, I can only say that this is the most updated platform with the largest database.

For more in-depth information, you can check out their FAQ page.


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