Hotstar Market Share Troubling Netflix & Prime in India

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While the craze for Amazon Prime and Netflix is rising among the youth day by day, we still got a report that says Hotstar has the biggest Market Share in India.

To be honest, it is not even much surprising. Indian consumer set is different than other countries, especially the Western ones.

According to Forbes, Hotstar has 29% of share followed by Amazon Prime with 10% and Netflix with a share of 5% in Indian OTT Market.

[Forbes Report]

Why Is The Hotstar Market Share Highest?

Let’s talk about the largest OTT Networks in India – Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar.

Netflix is in the industry for more than 22 years now. It always had its original content generation procedure.

Likewise, Amazon Prime is backed by the strong Amazon Corporation.

But what’s in Hotstar to appeal Indians? No doubt recently the Giant Disney acquired it but it was popular before that.

1] Pricing

India is a price-sensitive market and it is not a hidden fact.

People here would prefer getting advertisements and compromising their data over paying for subscriptions.

Subscription Model in India

This is where Netflix and Amazon Prime get hit the most since they work on the Subscription model. Meanwhile, Hotstar works on the Freemium model.

The cheapest subscription for Netflix is Rs 199 per month (only mobile) and that goes beyond Rs 2000 per year.

Secondly, Amazon Prime has the cheapest plan of Rs 999 per year.

On the other hand, the majority of the content on Hotstar is Free. The cheapest subscription for Hotstar merely comes at Rs 399 per year. That is way too cheap.

2] Content

All three platforms have a completely different set of audience. They simply cannot be compared.

You can’t say Netflix is better than Amazon Prime or Hotstar is better than Netflix and so on.


Netflix has the best quality of content but it has some limitations. It is most appealing to youngsters and particularly English content consumers.


We can safely assume that Netflix has a prime audience from metro cities and urban areas.

Moreover, it might not be a good idea to consume Netflix right in front of your elder family members. As a result, it is not much diverse with its audience.

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Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime can be a great option for families. It has particularly Indian content with some diversity.

It might not have too many English programs but most of the Indians in their mid-youth aren’t interested in them. They get shows of their taste.

Amazon Prime with Free Delivery

Moreover, other perks like quick Amazon deliveries and free Amazon Music come in the package.

Once again, the major audience is in urban areas.

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Now we arrived at the main point of the topic. First of all, Hotstar is mostly offering free content. That is tempting for the majority of the people.

It has everything that people need – IPL matches, sports, news, movies, and most importantly, the Star Network.

Uncles and aunties conveniently watch their daily soaps on the Hotstar while youngsters have their favorite matches.

Hotstar Market Share

Since Disney bought it, it even has some of the greatest movies in Hindi. It even has HBO and National Geographic. What else do people need?

If you need English shows then you can upgrade to Hotstar VIP or Premium version which is anyway cheaper than the other two alternatives.

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And this is how my friends, Hotstar gathered 300 Million users.

If we sum up the above description, Hotstar has everything that a typical family needs. It is more perceived as a hybrid of traditional TV and OTT.

Meanwhile, Netflix and Prime might take some time to spread their impact among the Indian audience. They don’t even intend to tap the common people and rather prefer to be popular among the creamy layer of the Indian society.

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Which platform are you currently using to entertain yourself during this quarantine period? Let me know 🙂


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