How RFID Works in FASTag Technology?


You might have heard about FASTag Technology which enabled the vehicles to pass through the toll plazas without waiting in the long queues. It has used RFID Technology. But do you know how RFID works?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a very old technology that uses electromagnetic waves to detect the objects.

RFID is something that most of the Engineering students implement in their college projects. Even we used it while making our projects 🙂

So, why did the Government implement this old school technology? Because it is pretty efficient!

How RFID Works?

RFID consists of 2 main parts: RFID Tag and RFID Reader.

If you have read my blog post about QR Codes then it will be easier for you to understand.

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How RFID Works


The object that we need to track is placed with an RFID Tag. This tag has a an embedded circuit. It does not require any energy or power to work. It merely has some information on it.

In short, all the data about the object/item is present in the RFID Tag.

RFID Reader

RFID Reader is the main device that helps us to scan the data on RFID Tag while collecting the data. Readers can be movable or static depending upon the application.

To summarize, RFID Reader reads the information present on the tag.


The database is nothing but a huge collection of information that has to be scanned by the reader. It contains information about all the tags.

How will the reader know that the tag has the right and relevant information? This is where the database proves to be helpful.

The card reader fetches the data from the database to verify whether the information on the tag is relevant or not.

Application: FasTAG

Here comes the part that you have been waiting for, right?

Apologies for making you wait but a slight introduction to the RFID technology was necessary. Especially, for people with a non-technical background.

Now it will be pretty easy for you to understand.

Use the above template and fill in the blanks.

So, what will be the RFID Tag, RFID reader and the database here?

How RFID Works in FASTag Technology

First of all, you must have stuck a FASTag sticker to your car’s windshield. That is actually an RFID Tag. It has all the data regarding your car and you.

Do you remember that you filled up a form while applying for it?

Yes, the same data is embedded over there.

However, you cannot see the data. Neither can any random person!

This specific card can only be read by those FASTag card readers placed at the toll plazas.

As soon as you cross that lane, that reader quickly reads your FASTag card. The database matched your data and quickly deducts the balance from your FASTag wallet.

And Vrooom!!! 😉

So, that’s a simple application of RFID Technology.

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Summarizing: How RFID Works in FASTag? RFID consists of 2 main parts: RFID Tag and RFID Reader. Your Car has an RFID Tag and the Toll Plazas have RFID Readers.

It is also used in shopping for a very long time. You might have observed those tags attached to your clothes that they remove after your billing is done.

RFID in Shopping

That is an example of RFID as well.

I hope you understood how RFID Works in FASTag technology in the new toll plazas. If you have still any doubt, comment down below.


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