How To Protect Phone From Water Damage?

Water Damage

How to protect phone from water damage in monsoon? It is a common scenario in this season that our phone gets damaged because of water.

You went to play Holi and realized that your phone has played Holi as well.

You went out without a raincoat and it suddenly started downpouring heavily. You didn’t even get time to settle yourself. However, you check your phone and rain has completely drenched it.

Likewise, you were operating your phone but it falls in a puddle on the ground. So, what will you do? You try operating your phone but it is dead now.

Are these incidents familiar to you?

Here is a solution for you – Get a Smartphone protecting cover

Phone covers to be used in Monsoon. Protect your phone from water damage

These plastic cases are familiar to all the Mumbaikars there. We use these phone covers during Monsoon because it is a savior during heavy rains.

The same cover can be used for other things like a wallet or paper but it is a different issue altogether. Let’s focus on your phone.

The plastic cover is transparent and it works really fine with mobile touchscreens. Also, you can easily operate your phone without facing any issues.

Sometimes it might get a bit annoying for the obvious reasons. But it definitely keeps your phone protected from water.

My phone has already bathed. What now?

Here are some steps you can follow. Although I won’t guarantee that your phone will be completely fine but the chances that your smartphone won’t get damaged.

How to protect phone from water damage?

Step 1: Switch it OFF. Don’t try to operate

As soon as our phone dips in the water, the greatest mistake that we do is not switching it off immediately. Trying to switch it on and operating it in the wet condition can only worsen the things.

I have seen people unlocking their phones immediately after pulling it out of water. This is a sure-shot invitation for damaging speakers or screen or even battery. The internal short circuits can be hazardous.

Step 2: Remove the components

Whatever is possible in your limits, just remove all the attachable components. If your battery is removable, remove it. If not, it is still okay. At least remove the back cover and plate.

Remove your memory card and SIM cards as soon as possible. Even if your phone gets damaged and you lose, you will still have all the data stored in your memory card.

Chances are there, that the water did not enter your memory card slot and thereby not damaging it.

Step 3: Dry your phone

Put your phone in a dry place. The best way to dry your phone is by sinking it in rice grains for 24 hours.

Rice is the best thing ever that soaks all the moisture from your phone. Probability becomes higher if you soak your phone in a bowl full of rice.

How to save a wet mobile phone - and what not to do - CNET
Image: CNET

It might be testing your patience but trust me, you need to keep it for at least 24 hours. Merely wiping it dry and keeping idle for 2-3 hours won’t really help. We really don’t know what damage water has exactly done to our devices.

After 24-36 hours, try turning your device on. If it worked, congratulations!

Not only for monsoon, but these steps are to be followed even if your phone drops in the toilet (don’t giggle), pool, water puddle, etc.

Pro-Tip: Backup your data right now, right before you enjoy the Monsoon or Holi.

Wish you a very Happy and Safe Monsoon. If you are reading this before playing Holi, Happy Holi to you.

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