How To Find My Mobile When It Gets Lost Using CEIR?

Mobile Lost

I wish I had a local Google to find my mobile when it gets stuck somewhere deep inside the sofa. That’s what we all secretly wish, don’t we?

Losing your smartphone at your home is still fine but it gets serious when you are outdoors. How can a smartphone suddenly disappear?

Either we lost it or someone has stolen it. Damn!

What now?

First of all, use Google from your laptop or any other device.

“Find my Mobile”

Enter Find My Mobile on Google and it will help finding out the location of your mobile phone

Google will give you some results. Use that ‘Ring‘ function. It should be helpful. Also, you can use the ‘Recover‘ option to find the location of your smartphone.

However, this procedure needs 3 things: active Internet, active GPS and the same Google accounts on both the devices.

If this doesn’t help then try the Indian Government’s new portal to report lost devices. This portal uses CEIR.

Central Equipment Identity Registry (CEIR) connects the complete database of mobile numbers, IMEI numbers, and all the information about mobile devices.

Find My Mobile Using CEIR

If Google Search doesn’t work, visit this portal:

You will find 3 options while you are on the homepage of the website.

  1. Block Stolen/Lost Mobile
  2. Unblock Found Mobile
  3. Check Request Status
CEIR Portal Find My Mobile - Homepage

1] Block Stolen/Lost Mobile

If you are unable to find your mobile after hustling for some time then use this option.

However, before rushing to this option make sure that you have your IMEI number handy.

How to find the IMEI number?

Open your mobile phone’s call dialer. Dial *#06# on your phone and press the call button. Your mobile’s IMEI number will flash on your screen.

Once you enter the CEIR’s webpage, you will need to fill all the details regarding your mobile – Mobile number, IMEI number, smartphone brand, etc.

CEIR Portal - Request For Blocking Lost/Stolen Mobile

You will also need the smartphone model number and invoice for your smartphone. I hope you have your smartphone receipt.

In addition, the smartphone owner’s information regarding the contact details and identification is needed as well.

Make sure that you use an alternative mobile number for receiving OTP later.

Once you are done with all the procedures, you need to submit the form. You will get a unique Request ID. Store it somewhere deep because you will need this later.

Completing this procedure will block your smartphone. It will be no less than a brick now.

You also need to file an FIR in the nearest police station. This portal only blocks your mobile phone. You still need to find the thief, right?

2] Unblock Found Mobile

Did you find your smartphone while searching and following all these processes? Excellent! Congratulations!

Go to the same portal website and select the option ‘Unblock Found Mobile’.

CEIR Portal - Unblock Found Mobile

Unblocking is easier.

Just enter your Request ID (I told you to store it somewhere deep) and your mobile numbers.

You will get an (OTP) for double confirmation and that is awesome!

Once you are done, your phone will be unblocked.

3] Check Request Status

In case you still didn’t find your cell phone yet, you need to track your request on this page.

CEIR Portal - Check Request Status

You just need to enter your Request ID number and it will show you the status of your request.

I know it’s disappointing. But that’s how it works!

Pretty much that’s it about this website.

CEIR Portal Review: Find Lost Mobile

Telecomm Ministry has done an excellent job by launching this portal with such a huge database. It might have taken tremendous efforts to collect all the data and stock in one place.

I found it slightly slower but I understand that loading so much of data takes time. However, they have a scope to make it faster when it comes to drop-down menus and buttons.

Overall, a great initiative by the Indian Government. One more step towards Digital India.

Remember about this post when you will lose your smartphone next time.


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