How To Identify Fake Xiaomi Products?

Fake Xiaomi Products

Fake products by Xiaomi are growing in numbers day by day and I feel that the main reason is flash sales.

People are ready to buy from unauthorized retailers. Or even in black for the sake of getting the products – by hook or by crook.

So, if the demand is so high, why won’t the opportunists leave this opportunity? They stock up the fake products and eventually sell them as well.

Recently, Delhi Police seized fake Xiaomi phones worth Rs 13 Lakh as per the reports.

They were arrested. However, what is the guarantee that your Xiaomi product is not fake? Or how will you distinguish between a real product and a fake product?

So, I am gonna tell you 3 ways to identify the Fake Xiaomi products.

3 Ways To Identify Fake Xiaomi Products

1] Packaging

If you observe these fake products then you will find that the entire packaging is different from the real products.

In an attempt to show the genuineness, fake product makers over exaggerate in their packaging.

They write all the details on the package. Meanwhile, real products have plain and simple packaging.

Differentiate between a Fake Xiaomi Product and original product from the packaging

Someone has said it true, a real brand does not need marketing. Its work speaks.

2] Charging Pin

MI Powerbank is apparently one of the highest-selling products. That is to say, the highest number of fake products come along with the power banks.

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If you observe carefully then you will find that the charging pin that comes with the fake power banks has longer pins and color is darker.

Fake Xiaomi Power bank vs Real power bank

Once again, the case of overbranding.

3] Security Code

According to Xiaomi, there is always a security code on the box of original Xiaomi devices.

Whenever you buy a Xiaomi device, you can verify if the device is authentic or not.

Firstly, visit this link: MI Product Authentication

Secondly, you need to put the security code on the space and hit the verification button.

Also, it will show the details regarding the original product.

Subsequently, fake products don’t come with a security code or the security codes are incorrect.

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Summary to identify Fake Xiaomi Products

  1. Original Xiaomi packaging is quite simple. You can check online reviews and unboxing videos.
  2. Charging pins are longer and weaker in fake products.
  3. Always verify the security code on the official website

How can you avoid getting Fake Products?

  1. Buy from authorized Xiaomi retailers only.
  2. If buying online, use only reputed websites like Amazon or Flipkart.
  3. Avoid buying cheap and roadside products.


So, I can assume that you’ll be away from the fake products floating in the market.


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