Increase Jio Internet Speed Upto 177% Using This Trick

Boost Jio Speed

I personally don’t believe in such tricks of increasing Internet speed. The Internet is full of such fake tricks. However, there is one way to slightly increase your Jio Internet speed. Most importantly, this works!

Let me clarify that I have only tested this for Jio and I am not sure about other networks.

Here is the trick to Increase Jio Internet Speed

Use Internet while making a voice call.

Earlier I was skeptical about this method.

But many of my friends who play online games like PUBG Mobile mentioned that they frequently use this technique for 2 reasons. First, they get a better Internet speed. Secondly, nobody is able to call in between the gameplay.

I would typically ignore such claims but when my friends claimed it, there was a trust factor.

And if it really works, then why not test and share with my audience?

So I started taking samples.

These are the samples of Jio Internet speed without any call in the background.

Jio Internet Speed Before Call

Mind you, I took these speed tests with an interval of around 1 hour. For better clarification, I tested without a call and with a call at the same time.
Then waited for an hour and repeated the same. I kept doing it thrice.

Also, the place of testing was same for all the samples.

I called ‘1991’ which is Jio helpline. I would obviously not disturb any of my contacts for such silly things! 😛

These are the samples of Jio Internet speed with a call in the background.

Jio Internet Speed After Call

See the difference in the speed of Internet. That’s insane!

For your information, I used the app ‘Speed Test by Ookla‘ for testing all these samples.

I tested at 3 different test times. It worked every time so I would conclude it actually works. But the question is – how? Why is Jio boosting Internet speed while calling?

What is the Reason?

Note 2 important points for Reliance Jio:

  1. Jio owns 3 spectrums with following bands = Band 3 (1800 MHz), Band 5 (800 MHz), & Band 40 (2300 MHz)
  2. Jio VoLTE allows managing data as well as calls on the same band

Reliance Jio works on Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) that gives you HD calls. As the name suggests, voice calls are carried on the LTE network instead of going through a separate band.

In the 2G network, bandwidth is narrow and it cannot handle data with call. Hence, your Internet data terminates as soon as you receive a call on the 2G network.

Jio or any 4G network works differently. We can simultaneously call as well as use Internet.

We know that we receive Internet data in the form of packets. In this case, your voice communication is done in the form of packets now. More bandwidth means larger packets and hence more data can travel at a given time.

It also means that same packets can be used to transfer Internet data as well as voice calls.

You might have noticed that Jio to Jio calls are much crisp and better in quality. This happens because Jio operates calls on its 4G band.

Coming to the point – why does the speed increases?

Even if the data and calls can work on the same bandwidth, Jio keeps them separate. This is to avoid network congestion. It’s obvious that voice calls are more important than Internet data.

Hence, Reliance Jio might be keeping data packets at a lower band. Once you call someone, it automatically switches to the upper band. This is why you experience a boost in your data speed.

Now you can call your PUBG squad and enjoy the game play for a smoother experience! 😉


Jio switches the band to call-oriented band when you are calling someone. This lets you enjoy a better speed.

However, I won’t really recommend to use this trick regularly for 2 major reasons:

  • It will cause congestion for others as many people will start using this method for their own advantage. Eventually, Jio will change its working pattern.
  • You will get to see a massive battery drain due to the excessive use of the network.

Let me know if it works for you.

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