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In one of the articles, we discussed how the authorities, Police, and Government exactly track us on the Internet. But there is another Internet named dark web where police do not reach easily.

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Surface web is what we use normally and it can be tracked easily.

However, not everyone is comfortable if someone is tracking them for no reason. So we came up with a solution to a VPN.

I mentioned Incognito, TOR, and VPN in the last article. You didn’t read it either? C’mon, what are you even doing? Read it before proceeding. Here is the link:

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Now, the problem with VPN was that police can still track if they ask your details to the VPN company.

So, the TOR community took birth for ultimate anonymity.

Let’s see the details one by one. I’ll explain it.

Basics of Deep Web, Dark Web & TOR Browser

What is TOR Browser?

I’ll keep it really simple for you. The Onion Router (TOR) is a browser which continuously changes your address.

You learned about VPN, right? If we attach multiple VPNs to each other then the resultant will be formed as a TOR network. This is how TOR browser works.

Let’s say TOR bounced the address thrice while I was surfing an American website. It went something like this:

My IP >> VPN1 (Europe) >> VPN2 (Africa) >> VPN3 (Australia) >> Americal Website

IP Bouncing in TOR Browser

In the above scenario, the American Website will think that I came from Australia. However, it will be next to impossible to track me back because I have changed my address so many times. How will anyone track me back? Nobody knows my previously left address.

This is the reason why the TOR network is used for illegal activities and hackers.

Now let me tell you the same thing which I mentioned in the last article, TOR browser is super slow because of so much of bouncing addresses. You need to be patient.

What is the Deep Web?

There are two types of web – Surface Web and Deep Web

Surface Web is something that can be indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Did you know that the surface web is merely 4% of the total internet? Rest of it is in the deep web.

The image shows about the deep web, dark web and the surface web.
Image credits to the SSL Store

Now, stay calm. It is not something dangerous or mysterious. The Deep Web is something which search engines don’t show.

For instance, Google won’t show your bank details, passwords, your data in cloud storage.

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How would you feel if Google starts showing your personal chats on Facebook that you had with your girlfriend? I am sure you won’t like those personal photos in your cloud storage to be shown by Google.

All this data is safely stored in deep web. This is the reason why deep web is so enormous. You cannot just Google it and find it on the first page.

To visit the deep web, you need specific links. If I share a link of my Google Drive folder, you will be accessing deep web because nobody other than you is able to access it. I have protected it.

You don’t need the TOR browser to access it. Although, you can. But a normal Chrome browser or any browser is sufficient as long as you have the exact links.

What is the Dark Web?

This is a small part of the internet which can be accessed by TOR browser only. If you know, our normal websites end with something like .com or .in

But these websites on dark web end with .onion

Again, Google does not index these websites. Also, you need an appropriate address to reach the desired address.

If you post a pirated movie on the normal web, Google will take it down. You will receive a warning and they will delete your website. But not on the dark web.

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What is Bad about the Dark Web?

Dark Web Hackers

The owners host dark web sites anonymously. This is the reason why illegal things are more prone to darknet websites. Even if you post a pirated movie over the dark web, nobody can take it down because no one knows the owner.

That is the reason why it is a great place for hackers and data thieves. Your passwords, email IDs, and all your data are sold at dark web. Don’t believe me? Probably you missed the latest news. Here is the link:

In Web’s dark corner, your profile is on sale for just a few bucks 

[Economics Times: In Web’s dark corner, your profile is on sale for just a few bucks]

I hope now you understand why you need to be careful while sharing your data anywhere. Don’t visit those shady Whatsapp forward links to enter your data like an idiot. Be cyber smart.

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It is not that only criminals use dark web. It can be a very good source of information if you want to research some things. Governments do not allow many topics on the surface web. Google censors them. The dark web can be a good source to access that information.

But again, it is full of scamsters, shady websites, lots of popups, etc. Have you ever downloaded from Torrent? Isn’t it confusing which download button is authentic and which ones are fake? The same thing happens on the dark web. It should not happen that a particular website harms you.

While surfing, Google won’t warn you there. Be aware, always.

Myths about Dark Web

1] Dark Web and Deep Web are the same

No, they are not same. As I mentioned above, Dark web is to be accessed by TOR. Those links are onion links.

While, Deep web is any part where you access with a particular link. It can be anything that is not openly shown on Google.

2] Dark Web has Red Room and they live stream it

In case you don’t know, a red room is a place where people are tortured if you pay some amount. Sure, these places exist. I already said, the dark web is really dark and disturbing.

However, these live streams are not actually live. Even if you have the strongest internet, the bit-rate is too low because of the continuous bouncing of your IP address. It is next to impossible to live to stream it.

Those horrendous ‘live-streams’ are pre-recorded with a look that looks like a live stream. But it is not. So, a psychopath can actually pay the amount where he won’t get anything to see what he desired.

3] You can hire a hitman to kill any person on the planet

Again, I am not saying these services don’t exist but most of them are a scam. If this would be the case, the most hated celebrities would have been killed by now. Isn’t it logical?

But yeah, these services are present but not commonly as they show in YouTube horror videos.

4] Drugs and Weapons for sale everywhere

The dark web is not a weekly market where they will show drugs and weapons every now and then. These websites are hidden inside and you can’t just browse and have a look casually. They have specific links.

Dark web sites are available in tremendous amounts but you can’t find them right on the home page of TOR.

5] TOR is illegal

No Sir, TOR is not illegal. In fact, Google funds the TOR community. Also, the US Government made it for anonymous activities. Even in India, TOR is not illegal. So, you just cannot be tracked online easily.

But don’t fall for carding. Carding is illegal in India as well as other countries.

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Surfing websites where the contents include child pornography, trafficking, drugs, weapons, violence, etc can surely lead you to terrific problems. Even if it cannot be tracked, you can still be tracked back if you keep on visiting such websites again and again. After all, nothing is fool-proof.

The Challenges

First of all, browsing on the dark web is not really easy as it seems. It needs an exact address to visit a page. Most of the times, you won’t even get the list.

Even if you get a list of onion sites somehow, chances are there that the website has already been closed. These shady websites are closed and newly-made on a daily basis.

As per as I have observed, these websites don’t signify their brand name right in the link. For example, you won’t find anything that looks normal. The website will be something like rueoqidj.onion

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FAQs Related To Dark Web & Deep Web

What is in the Deep Web?

The Deep Web is something which search engines don’t show. For instance, your bank details, Netflix login details, Amazon account details and so on.

What is in the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a separate network of onion websites that do not compile with our world wide web. It needs a special TOR Browser to run.

Can Police track TOR?

No. Too many IPs get bounced so it is practically difficult to track your dark web browsing behavior through TOR.

Is it illegal to be on the Deep Web?

No. It is not illegal to visit deep web because you are always in the Deep Web somehow, be it through your social media accounts or online shopping accounts.

Is it illegal to be on the Dark Web?

No. Surfing Dark web is not illegal as long as you are not involved in some illegal activities.

What is difference between Deep Web and Dark Web?

Deep Web can be accessed from your regular browsers but you need your login ID and password. On the other hand, Dark Web needs TOR Browser to surf.


Refer to the YouTube videos, read a lot of Creepypasta articles regarding the dark web, and visit hundreds of horror websites that will tell you about the horrifying incidences of Dark Web.

But don’t believe because most of them are fictional. Enjoy them, and take an exit.

Sure, those things exist but not unless you deliberately hunt and visit those specific onion websites.


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