7 Online Writing Apps Every Writer Must Try

Online Writing apps

“Which are the best online writing apps?”
“Which is the best writing platform for beginners?”
“Pritesh, from where and when did you start writing?”

These are the most common questions that I get. Be it from Quora, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even Whatsapp.

My Journey as a Blogger

First of all, I will start with my online writing journey.

I started writing online on Yahoo Answers in 2011. I used to visit a small Internet Cafe exclusively to use Facebook and Yahoo.

Unfortunately, I got banned there because of some mistakes I committed and that was a great lesson.

Further, I started on Quora and now you know the rest of the story. It’s been 4 years of continuous and serious blogging now.

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After spending years in content creation, it’s time to reveal which writing platforms are great for beginners to write. As a result, I have categorized these writing platforms in 4 categories:

  • Short Poems, Quotes, and Micro-stories
  • Blogging Platforms For Beginners
  • Professional Blogging Platforms
  • Novel Writing Platforms

Online Writing Apps

1] Short Poems, Quotes, and Micro-stories

Some people are truly amazing in playing with words. Although, poetry is not my cup of tea. But I enjoy writing short quotes and microstories.

For that, I am consistently posting on my Instagram page called @theunrevealedquotes. I started posting in 2017. Yay!

Hence, I kept writing on these 2 apps called YourQuote and Mirakee. I personally like YourQuote because I started from there.

Writing something meaningful by using a minimum number of words is an art.

A) YourQuote

YourQuote comes with in-built templates and beautiful fonts to cover your writings. All you need to do is write your quotes, select a nice template then get a font, and you are done. Just publish it.

If you look at YourQuote platform then you will realize that it is Instagram for writers. Everything looks the same.

You can follow other writers, like other people’s content, and do many things. No doubt, Instagram has evolved a lot and it is no more the same. But YourQuote is similar to the good old Instagram.

Online Writing Apps for Short Poems, Quotes, and Micro-stories = YourQuote


  1. There are Admin accounts on YourQuote like YQBaba, YQDidi, YQMuse that give frequent writing challenges to inspire you to write more. On a lighter note, YQBaba follows me! ^_^
  2. YourQuote gives you an edge because the content is Google searchable. If you search for ‘Pritesh Pawar’ on Google then YourQuote profile will pop on the first page. Try it.

[Check out: YourQuote]

B) Mirakee

Mirakee gives good competition to YourQuote because it was the second micro-blogging platform after YourQuote. By the way, both the apps are made in India.

Even here, you can select a template and font as per your convenience and publish it as soon as you finish writing.

Although I didn’t find the Indianness on Mirakee but it will give you a global exposure as compared to YourQuote.

Online Writing Apps for Short Poems, Quotes, and Micro-stories = Mirakee


  1. Mirakee awards various badges to the writers based upon their activity and popularity.
  2. This writing app is available in the web version which is a better thing for people like me.

[Check out: Mirakee]

2] Blogging Platforms for Beginners

The term blog stands for ‘web-log’ which means to update the websites with any of your content like opinions, stories, and other writings as well as photos and videos.

You don’t really need to build your own website or blog if you are a beginner. That can be exhausting.

[In case you decided to build a website: WordPress vs Custom Website – Which is better for you?]

However, here are some great platforms for starting a blog and write online.

A) Quora

Ah! This is where I started 🙂

So, Quora is a Question-Answer website where people ask multiple questions and you need to answer them if you know about it.

Quora is really helpful for growing your audience and follower count since it has a huge user base. Capture a niche or topic where you have the expertise and start writing continuously.

People read you and eventually follow you. You don’t really struggle with anything except the content creation part.

This is why I find Quora as one of the best online writing apps!

Beware that you don’t spam or copy the content because Quora is really a strict platform.

Online Blogging Platforms for Beginners - Quora


  1. You get huge exposure. It doesn’t matter if you have 0 follower count, you can still get thousands of upvotes on your first answer.
  2. You never have to think much about the content ideas because there are so many questions right there.

[Check out: My Quora profile]

B) Medium

Medium is a highly SEO friendly website which means that you will be quickly able to rank on Google if you consistently write on Medium.

It might not be popular in India for now but it is going to boom soon. For most of the Quora writers, Medium is the alternative if they get banned on Quora.

Even people like me enjoy writing and reading on Medium because of its high-quality content.

Online Blogging Platforms for Beginners - Medium


  1. High-quality and rich content to read from prominent writers.
  2. Medium can be the first step to learn professional blogging because of its structure.

[Check out: My Medium Profile]

3] Professional Blogging Platforms

In today’s online industry, writing as a hobbyist and blogging for professional use are entirely different terms.

If you are merely blogging your personal stories and writing for yourself then it is completely fine with whatever you do.

No, not only writers need to write on the web. Businesses need to do that as well. Literally, every business needs it today.

So, if you aim to do something professionally then you need to use a proper platform. Here are some great online writing platforms for that.

A) WordPress

Do you know that 34% of all the websites that you see on the Internet are made on WordPress? This includes many news websites, popular blogs that rank number one on Google, and also many official websites of companies.

You can literally do anything on WordPress. If you know the basics of coding then you are going to rule this platform. You name the feature you want, it is possible to do on WordPress.

Even this website which you’re reading right now is made on WordPress. So yeah, I am pretty much satisfied.

Online Blogging Platforms for Professional Bloggers - WordPress


  • WordPress.com is a website that merely supports blogging and you don’t have much freedom to customize. Use it if you are beginning to blog and don’t want a headache of technical aspects.
    • Your domain will look something like >> www.priteshpawar.wordpress.com
  • WordPress.org is a platform that allows you to build professional websites with a large number of technical aspects as backend and frontend. However, you need to buy a domain and hosting on your own and host it by yourself. I will cover a detailed article on this.
    • Your domain will look something like >> www.priteshpawar.com

[Know more: WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Best Choice For You?]

I recently received a skill assessment badge on LinkedIn for WordPress. So yeah, you might trust me with your doubts regarding WordPress.

B) Google Blogger

I started using Google Blogger when I worked as a Blogging Head of my college’s official magazine.

Google Blogger is similar to WordPress except that it is way much easier than WordPress with limited templates and themes.

It is a good platform for getting a wider reach because it has a very active community of hobbyist bloggers.

If you are a storyteller or poet then I would recommend you to use Google Blogger.

Online Writing Apps for Professional Bloggers - Google Blogger


  1. Not much technical knowledge required when you can still easily build your blogging site with a drag-drop technique.
  2. You can build a strong professional portfolio as a writer.

[Check out: Google Blogger]

4] Novel Writing

A) Wattpad

Wattpad has been a very prominent platform for aspiring novel writers. Obviously, it is good for readers as well because what will a writer remain without his audience of readers?

Most of the teenagers write their first novels here. Wattpad gives you complete flexibility to write as per your own wish and publish the novel. You can also divide your novel into multiple chapters on this platform.

Finally, after uploading a nice cover and proof-reading, you can publish your novel here.

Online Writing Apps for Aspiring Novelists to write Novels - Wattpad


  1. Unlike the real novels, you don’t have to struggle to find your audience here. It is readily available.
  2. Real novelists need to go through a long tedious process before publishing it through some publication. Here, it is completely free.
  3. If you write really well, you might earn quick bucks here.

[Check out: WattPad]

Conclusion: Best Online Writing Apps:

After talking about so many platforms, you might be thinking which platform is better for you! I’ll sum up for you.

  • YourQuote vs. Mirakee = You need to try out. Both are equally good for micro-blogging.
  • Quora = For regular content writing without thinking much about the content ideas. There are too many questions out there.
  • Medium = If you write detailed posts in your niche and want to focus more on SEO-friendly content.
  • Google Blogger = If you are a hobbyist blogger and don’t want to involve much with technical aspects.
  • WordPress = If you own a business or want to build a professional website.
  • Wattpad = If you want to become a novelist and trying to build an audience first.

You can also start posting on Facebook or LinkedIn if you want to start writing among your circle and network. It is a great way as well.

So, these were some prominent online writing apps if you want to start now. Consequently, I hope you liked this article and came to know more about online writing platforms.


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