Phone Hang? 5 Reasons Why A Smartphone Slows Down

Slow Down

“No wonder which smartphone I buy, my usage pattern will make my phone hang,” said my friend. This guy bought the latest flagship phone which should ideally last for around 3 years.

Even we try to make our phones last for 2-3 years without facing any sluggish behavior. After all, we have invested our hard-earned money. But it doesn’t happen.

Why is it that even premium flagship phones start slowing down after 2 years of spontaneous usage? In short, phone hang is bound to happen. But what are the reasons?

5 Reasons Why Your Phone Hang or Slows Down

1] Processor

I know most of you might be tired of hearing from me that processor is the heart of a phone and what not!

“Pritesh, we don’t like it when you keep constant priority to a processor instead of storage or camera”

I can understand. Other specifications have some numbers to compare but every processor is an individual thing. How can we know whether it is good or bad? I will cover it soon.


Back to the point, your smartphone can never run smoothly if your processor is weak.

How can you expect a heart patient to handle tremendous pressure?

2] Updates

Be it the software updates of your phone or the app updates from your playstore, both of them lead to slowing down of your smartphone. Also, this happens over the extended period of 2-3 years.

As the apps push updates, they are meant for the latest phones with the latest Operating system and hardware. This is because app developers assume that the hardware industry is growing fast and most of the people might have upgraded. Even if they try to make apps for all the devices, it will be an unnecessary headache for them.

Since you own an old phone, the apps are not completely compatible with your smartphone.

Also, updates take some resources which your phone is unable to handle. Whenever the features are added in apps, they take more resources from your phone.

Some companies slow down your smartphones after 2-3 years so that you upgrade your phone and buy a new device.

Cnet Report: Apple and Samsung fined for slowing down phones with updates

That doesn’t mean you will stop updating your apps and OS. They provide latest features security updates which are necessary.

3] Too many Applications

As you buy a brand new phone and start installing apps, all of them take resources like storage, battery, power, etc.

As I mentioned in point #2, every update increases the size of the apps. For instance, you installed 20 apps on your phone and they took around 20 GB. So, by the end of 2 years, you will realize that the same apps are taking more than 30 GB.

We have a habit of installing apps for each and everything. Ask yourself, do you really need apps for the platforms which have their websites? Do you need permanently installed apps for the things which you use once in a month? Do you need those games which you played 3 months back?

Apps are like kids. With every update, they grow in size.

4] Insufficient Storage

Imagine that you are a student and bought a new notebook for a subject. When the book is new, you write on that freely without any misery. However, when the last few pages are left then you start writing sparingly. You try to save as much space as you can. You try to fill every white space.

Phone Hang? 5 Reasons Why A Smartphone Slows Down

Similarly, your phone speed reduces when the storage gets full. The read-write speed is tremendously decreased if your phone storage is running out of space.

Your phone is like a student with a notebook. Lesser the space left, more miserly it works.

5] Battery Heat

As time passes, the battery starts degrading and we all know that. The performance stops dropping.

I have written a dedicated post on Tips For Saving Battery of a Smartphone. You can check it out.

As the battery degrades, heating issues start increasing.

Whenever the battery starts heating, a concept called thermal throttling takes place. It means that the processor of a smartphone automatically slows down the processes because the phone is already heating up.

This is done to avoid the mishaps because of overheating of a battery. We can say that a battery is the most dreadful object in any electronic device.

Remember how you need to cool down when you exercise or workout tremendously? Same goes for the battery. It slows down the processes when it gets tired.

I hope now you know the reason for your phone hang after a certain period of time.


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