Always a Creator

Building products and growing them using my digital marketing and business skills is an addiction.
If I can solve some problem, then why not?



SaaS platform that automatically generates B2B leads for your business

Chopping Tech Website

Chopping Tech

Membership platform for job seekers and freelancers

Shopping Tech

Best gift store with the most unique tech gadget recommendations

What After Engineering?

Ebook for all my confused young friends who are yet to figure out their fate

Digital Nexus

Ebook for literally every internet user to protect self from online scams and frauds

TV Size Calculator

A free tool that helps you calculate the ideal size of your television based on your room size

Digital Terminus Android Application

Digital Terminus

An all-in-one Android Application for all your Tech updates and interesting learnings

I learned a lot from all these products. Each of them took weeks and some even months. Managing a full-time job, freelance gigs, consultation calls, and personal life is necessary while building side projects.
To sum up, every project taught me something new – in terms of technology as well as business.

If you’ve an idea, we can team up and form a great combination!

Why Should You Partner With Me?

Out of everything, I can assure you of 2 things – consistency and on-time delivery!
Once the deal is on, you can totally relax on your rocking chair with a cup of coffee while I wave my magic wand.

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