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Rave App

RAVE App is a perfect app if you want to watch YouTube or Netflix or any online videos with your friends.

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or you miss watching those online TV series with your old hostel mates, this post can prove to be a life savior for you.

Missing all the fun of watching shows and movies together?

What if you get to watch videos on our individual screens but at completely remote locations?

Now grab a tub of popcorn, invite your friends on Rave party and have fun!

Nothing is better than watching something together and sharing such joyous moments. After all, how long will you keep texting or video calling?

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How To Watch Videos Using Rave App?

There are various apps and websites made for this purpose. However, when I tested almost all of the major applications, I found that the Rave App does a pretty decent job.

This is how the homepage looks like –

Rave App Homepage

Rave application supports videos from YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive, and also some random videos across the web. You can listen to Karaoke or record your own version as well.

For all the platforms, you can either log in to your account to get the customized feed or you can simply browse without logging in. However, Netflix will ask you to sign in for an obvious reason.

You need to create a group where you will invite your friends to join. Once done, you are free to play any video.

While Watching Videos

When your friends join to watch a video along with you, there are three options that you get to see.

1] Privacy Options

  • Public: When you select the public option then random people across the globe can join your group to watch the video that you are playing.
  • Nearby: This option uses GPS. The people who are living near you will be able to join your group.
  • Friends only: Once you start using this app, you get an option to add friends. This option is to add only those people who are your friends on this app.
  • Invite Only: If you want to enjoy videos only with your beloved or some special people then this option is available for you. No one will be able to join your live stream unless you send an invite link.

2] Playback Options

  • Let’s Vote: Once your video ends, it gives an option to vote if your group has multiple viewers. If a video gets more votes, then this app will promote similar videos.
  • Just Play: Play a video once and stop.
  • Autoplay: This option lets you play the videos continuously unless you close the app or leave a group.
  • Leader’s Choice: A leader is the one who forms a group and invites other members to watch videos together. He is an admin.

3] VoIP Options

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It means that group members can talk on a microphone while the videos are streaming online. This gives great scope for discussions or just casual chats among friends. VoIP gives a lively feeling among friends.

However, a leader can choose to allow everyone to talk or simply not allow anyone. Sometimes it is annoying when people keep chattering, isn’t it?

Best Features

1] Live Texting and Voice Chats

How to watch online videos with remote friends? Use Rave App

Your squad can enjoy texting or sending voice messages while watching the videos. What better can you get while watching online videos with remote friends?

2] Play videos in Background

YouTube app and even the native YouTube music app don’t allow you to play videos in the background while working on some other apps. Of course, they allow but only when you pay them.

This is not a problem anymore. The Rave application allows you to play any video in the background. You can use any app while this app will still be playing in the background as long as you don’t stop the video.

Isn’t it cool? No doubt, YouTube has the biggest collection of music and you can’t really afford to compare YouTube with any other music streaming application.

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Winding up this post now. This application is present for both – Android as well iOS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Rave App

How to use Rave App?

Install the App from the store and create a room. Once you invite your buddies to join the room, you can stream the videos.

How to add friends on Rave?

To build a new group, enter the app and select the platform that you want to stream. Choose a video and you will get an option to make a room. Select the privacy type as ‘friends only’.

How to invite friends to Rave?

Select the icon on the top-right corner of the app. Go to ‘contacts’ and select (+) option for the contact that you want to invite. Send the link and the work is done.

Is Rave App free?

Yes. It is totally free.

How to watch YouTube with friends?

Rave App can be the savior in situations when you want to watch online YouTube videos with your friends. Create a private room and invite your friends.

How do you watch Netflix with someone far away?

To watch Netflix in long-distance relationships or with friends who are far away, apps like Rave can do a better job. Create a private room and start streaming online.

Is Rave app safe?

It seems that Rave is safe as it has no data breach records as such now and more than 1 million people have downloaded the app.

Where can I download Rave app?

Rave application is present on Google Play Store as well as iOS App Store. However, it is not available on the Web version yet.

Which online videos can I watch using Rave App?

Rave Application supports YouTube, Netflix, Google Drive, Reddit, Vimeo, and many other platforms to watch online videos.

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Finally, there are a lot of other ways to have fun with your remote friends. Not only streaming videos but you can even play online multiplayer games together.

Not sure which games to play? I have made a list. Check it out.

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So let me know how you spend your free time socializing with your friends?


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