Slang Labs is Making Lives Easier Using Voice Assistants

Slang Labs - Indian Voice Assistant

I was recently attending India’s largest product conference and the founder of Ixigo, Rajnish Kumar mentioned that voice assistants are the future. My mind instantly thought of Slang Labs.

No doubt there are several voice assistants in the market. Some are stand-alone apps like Alexa or Google Assistant or even Siri.

But do you know what matters for the Indian market, especially in the transaction sector where users are not just using voice commands for fun? It’s the ability to understand the natural language of humans.

Secondly, can businesses use the same voice assistants for themselves? Probably no.

Let’s Compare Popular Voice Assistant Solutions for Businesses

It’s fun to interact with them but they have some drawbacks. A voice assistant makes sense if it is good for both the parties – users as well as businesses. Most of the voice assistants are stand-alone apps from larger companies that cannot be integrated with other apps or websites.

Here comes the role of Slang CONVA and it’s developed by a Bengaluru-based Tech Startup Slang Labs. CONVA stands for COnversational iN-app Voice Assistants platform.
Imagine adding an Alexa-like full-featured Voice Assistant inside e-commerce Apps – in just 60 minutes and without having to overhaul the entire app to get there!

I am sure every website or app owner can understand the pain of integrating new technology into the existing frameworks. But here you will be just adding an external layer to your existing platform.

Sounds cool?

But why would a business use this product?

Are You An Online Business Owner? Then Use Slang CONVA For These Cases

If Indian parents and not-so-tech-savvy people can’t use an online product, it’s a horrible thing. That business is losing a huge chunk of its customer base.

After all, the highest purchasing power lies with elder people rather than tech-savvy kids. So, how about making things easier for them?

  • Parents can’t type fluently
  • Most of the parents cannot interact confidently with the app’s interface without getting into the pool of confusions
  • They face issues when everything is present in English

Not just parents but there are several people from tier-2 and tier-3 regions where small business owners don’t understand English apps. Such people often need to communicate for getting transactions or buy products. Apps targeting this segment need to work on this aspect as well.

How about making things easier for them?

Slang Labs built Slang CONVA and it’s a voice assistant that supports Indian languages. This voice tech startup has built many voice products.

C’mon, not every web product needs this feature but the companies that have a target audience of senior generations must implement this technology.

Some of the examples can be online retail stores, travel websites, or any platform where Generation X consists of the primary user base.

Here is a demo of how it works on several popular websites in real-time.

BigBasket, Udaan, P&G, Trainman, SpiceJet, and several brands are already using Slang CONVA.

I am able to find so many use cases for any business –

  • Answering questions and interactional queries
  • Ordering items and checking out on eCommerce websites
  • Booking tickets for events
  • Using for feedback
  • Using for lead generation
  • Creating Lists
  • FAQs about your products
  • Promoting products with fun
  • Upselling, down-selling or cross-selling products

The use cases are just countless.

Technology & Skills Required in Slang Labs

Giridhar Murthy, Kumar Rangarajan, and Satish Chandra Gupta started up Slang Labs in 2017 in Bengaluru.

Kumar Rangarajan sold his startup Little Eye Labs to Facebook in 2014 and dived deep to develop mobile software for accepting voice commands in English and Indian languages.

As the startup grew with its team, user-base, technology, and several other aspects, it raised funds from Endiya Partners in 2018.

Here’s the team and office with great ideas where this voice assistant was born.

TeamTechnology & Skills
Web DevelopersJavaScript
Mobile App DevelopersJava, Swift, JS
Server-side DevelopersPython, Golang, NodeJS
Data Scientists & AnalyticsMachine Learning, NL, Algorithm building, BigQuery, Cloud Pub-sub
Cloud Infra ManagementAWS, Kubernetes, Google Cloud API
UX DesignersWeb, Mobile, and Voice Interface Design Capabilities
User Research ExpertsPrimary User Research, Statistical Studies, and Behaviour Studies of Users

Apart from Slang CONVA, the company made several tools using their strength of playing with voice-enabled technology.

For instance, became voice-enabled.
As a result, users who were not very familiar with the internet could now search for trusted information via voice in either English or Hindi.

Slang Labs also made some amazing interactive voice games like Elephantine, Dungeon ball, Orb Ball, Voice Maze, Voice Paddle, and several other products.

If you are fascinated by the voice-technology then you should definitely consider joining the team or researching this Indian startup.


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