11 Tips To Improve Video Call Quality

Improve Video Call Quality

Looking at the current video calls that we have, we seriously need two things. Firstly, improve video call quality from our end and secondly, a better infrastructure.

Although we can’t really do anything for the second problem, the first problem has a solution that lies with us.

“Am I audible to you? No? Ah! Wait. Let me adjust. Okay now? Hold on. Let me cut the call and restart it.”

This is so relatable, right?

Shaky video, slow-mo audio, frozen members, and what not! We have a hell of a lot of issues while video calling.

But there are a few solutions that might slightly improve your video calling experience.

How To Improve Video Call Quality?

1] Use Tools Like Krisp.ai For Reducing Background Noise

I recently started using a software called Krisp.ai that removes the background noise from your end.

For instance, I live in an area where Mumbai local trains keep on passing and they are really loud. I am sure many people in Mumbai can relate to this.

You might have other issues like road traffic, loud TV or phone calls by other family members, or your kid playing toys in the background. C’mon, it’s natural and totally understandable while working from home.

I am sure your team members understand this as well.

However, if you are surrounded by noisy backgrounds constantly then Krisp.ai is a good option to try.

It’s free for 120 minutes per week. If your requirements are more, it starts from $5 per month. Definitely, a good investment if your bread is dependent on video calls.

This simple tool not only helped me improve video call quality for my meetings but also helped me record better podcasts and videos.

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2] Turn off the Video

This is the simplest yet effective way to improve quality. This applies to business conference calls where too many members are present.

Video streaming requires much higher Internet bandwidth if we compare it to audio.

It’s obvious that the majority of the members don’t even need to have their cameras turned on. They just need to listen and focus on the screen or orator.

3] Choose Off-Peak Internet Times

According to many sources, the busiest hours for the Internet are between 7 PM to 11 PM. Most of the Internet users are online at this time.

So, it’s natural that you might get to experience a lesser share of Internet connectivity.

Do you remember how we got to see the slow Internet on Janta Curfew? That was because too many people were streaming HD movies at their homes.

Hence, it is always good to avoid this busy period if you are facing issues with video calls.

4] Use a Better Video Calling Application

It depends a lot on which platform you are exactly using! Some apps have introduced this feature for the sake of staying relevant in the market.

Meanwhile, some apps have strongly worked on the optimization of their software to make the video calls efficient and better.

I have listed the best platforms. Check them out.

To make it simpler, Zoom and Google Meet are the most optimized video call platforms for now. Period.

5] Use Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables are directly connected to your PC so that your important office device gets the highest data speed.

There is always some loss in the wireless transmission of data. Hence, ethernet cables can be a savior in such times.

This step can boost the speed but I completely understand that it is not feasible for everyone to get an Ethernet cable and connect it.

So use the cable if you already have it otherwise let’s talk about some other solutions.

6] Check The Position of your WiFi Router

Configuring a WiFi router is a vast topic and highly technical so I would rather create a separate blog post for that.

Ethernet Cable or WiFi Router

I won’t even recommend you to make those changes by yourself. Instead, ask your Internet Service Provider to do that.

Here are some basic tips for your WiFi Router:

  1. Make sure that your router is not placed in some corner of your house. It should be in the middle of your house so that all the rooms get an equal share.
  2. Don’t hang your router on some wall. A major area is blocked due to the wall and it only gets to transmit its signals in limited directions. Keep it in an open space.
  3. Cut down the obstacles and other electronic equipment from your router.

7] Cut Down Other Devices

We don’t even realize but there are many devices that keep sucking your data in the background. For instance, smart TVs, smart speakers, tablets, gaming consoles, mobile phones, and many others.

Too many smart devices around us!

These devices keep on fetching updates from the web even while they are not being used. So, it is advisable to disconnect them from your WiFi.

[I have explained in detail here: Data Saving Tips]

8] Don’t Use Microwave Oven When You Need Heavy Data

If your microwave oven and WiFi router are close to each other then you might have faced this issue.

Whenever your oven is working, you will see a sudden drop in Internet speed. Probably you never noticed this and blamed your WiFi provider.

Microwave oven and our high-speed Internet work on the same frequency – 2.8 GHz. Moreover, microwave ovens tend to leak some radiation.

[Explained this term in detail here: 5G Spectrum]

To avoid this, place your microwave oven and router far away from each other.

There is another way to tackle this. The solution is in the next point.

9] Use 5 GHz Network Instead of 2.4 GHz Network

A 5 GHz WiFi router, as the name suggests, works on the frequency of 5 GHz. It won’t interfere with any of your gadgets operating on 2.4 GHz of frequency.

The advantages of a 5 GHz WiFi Router are faster Internet speeds & lesser disconnections. A 2.4 GHz connection travels farther at lower speeds, while 5 GHz frequencies provide faster speeds at a shorter range.

To find your WiFi Router frequency, you need to log in to your network or simply ask your Internet Provider.

[Also Read About: Internet Service Providers]

If you have recently got a connection or if you are using Fibernet then it is highly possible that your router is working on 5 GHz network.

10] Stability

Don’t keep on shaking your device especially if you are using a mobile phone. Continuous changes in the position give a shaky experience in the video quality.

Moreover, Internet signals often get distorted if you keep changing your positions frequently.

[Related Article: Inflight WiFi]

As I mentioned in my article related to In-flight WiFi, instability plays an important role in Internet connectivity. Although, that is an extreme case.

It is a good practice to make your device rest in a stable position.

11] Non-Technical Improvements For Video Call Quality

A) Get A Good Microphone

Audio quality is more important in any video call so it is better to invest in a good microphone.

I am personally using the Boya Collar microphone for my content shoots and audio recordings. It is a great microphone at a much cheaper cost.

[Boya BYMi1 Omnidirectional Microphone | Amazon Link]

B) Invest in an HD Camera

Once you are done with the audio quality, what is the next thing that you can improve? Yes, your picture quality.

HD Camera For Videography

If you are a host or an important member who grabs all the eyeballs in a conference meeting then you should seriously consider getting a good HD Camera.

Although, I am not using any third-party webcam but Logitech is a favorite choice among many podcasters, content creators, and businessmen.

[Logitech C270 HD Webcam | Amazon Link]

C) Perfect Lighting Conditions & Background

These things matter if you are an important person in your organization. Lighting conditions should be good because they create a strong aroma of your personality.

You can build a small domestic setup for lighting conditions with a few ring lights. Make sure that you don’t buy warm lights which might make you sweat during the meetings.

I am personally using this Ring Light for my meetings.

[Tygot 10″ Ring Light | Amazon Link]

Secondly, a good background is a must. Recently we had a meeting with our MD and he was having a background of a huge bookshelf.

This creates a positive impact. This is important than people estimate it.

I hope you find it helpful to improve video call quality now. If you still keep on facing the quality issues then it is time to change the Internet plan or your operator.

Also, share this article with all those people with whom you keep on video calling! 🙂


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