Types of Engineers in India

Types of Engineers

Here are the main types of Engineering streams and a brief intro:

1] Computer Engineering – These people code, write programs and make software, applications, and other computer related stuff. You need to know programming languages and be thorough with the computers. Computer Engineers are in the highest demand as per 2018 because of the booming automation and Artificial Intelligence. However, the competition is equally higher. Choose if you are really interested and good at this field.

2] Information Technology Engineering – These people deal with networking, hardware, and software of computers, information, data, cyber security, etc. This is the twin branch of Computer Engineering. Most people think that IT Engineers are those who don’t get into Computer Engineering however it is not very true. It might be a twin branch but both of them are completely different.

3] Electronics Engineering – This is the stream where people play with hardware of electronics like electronics chips, microcontrollers, microprocessors, wires, various boards, etc. This field is no longer a field with zero programming. Even this field includes basic programming nowadays. You should be good at C programming in order to play around with those electronic components and build magic around them.

4] Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering – This is the twin branch of Electronics Engineering except that these people also deal with telecom industry. The complete communication and networking are taught here. This branch handles the hardware part. You will learn slightly more than Electronics Engineering because you will be dealing with the communications. Precisely, you will deal with optical fibers, telecom operators, satellites, cables, working of telecommunication across the globe and so on.

5] Mechanical Engineering – These people make machines, designs, and all the mechanical things you get to see such as automobiles, cars, railways, and even designs like a phone or rocket. Mechanical branch is a core branch which needs you to actually dirty your hands and build things. Physical miracles are created, unlike Computer engineering. You need to be good at designing stuff and applying your physics knowledge in practice.

6] Civil Engineering – Civil Engineering is all about buildings, bridges, dams, constructions and all those open sites which you see. These people don’t have any connection to programming. These people are best at designing and constructing. Again, a sister branch of Mechanical Engineering. This is also a core branch where you will actually work on the field. No wonder, this requires a field work. Stay away if you are dreaming of a cozy office with an AC.

7] Electrical Engineering – This field is about understanding the core electrical and applying it to real-time projects. These people study electricity, electronics, electromagnetic, and their integration. It covers right from the switched at your home to the production of hydroelectricity at a dam. You will need Power electronics, basic electronic engineering concepts and some mechanical knowledge which pursuing for this career.

8] Chemical Engineering – From the name, it feels that this branch deals with Chemistry. But no, this branch does not deal with chemistry at all. It is about large scale production of chemicals, which involves process control, quality, assurance, and other things. The scope of Chemical engineering is pretty wide. It has applications in fields like pharmaceutical, petroleum, rubber, paint, paper, refrigeration, micro-electronic configuration, etc.

9] Biotechnology Engineering – Biotechnology engineering is the combination of biology stream and technology. It is the application of principles of biology and the tools of engineering to create usable, tangible and economically viable products. In simpler words, it is the use of living systems and organisms to develop technologies and products to improve the life of human beings.

10] Aerospace Engineering – Aerospace engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. Although this is not a mainstream Engineering field, its popularity is growing these days. An Aerospace Engineer’s profile includes designing and testing prototypes and/or models for spacecrafts and aircraft. Usually, professionals in this field are the ones who specialize in either astronautical or aeronautical designs, which will decide if they deal with either air-ships or space shuttles.

This is not the end. There are many other streams like Robotics Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Textile Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Food and Pulp Engineering, Paper Engineering, etc.

This Wikipedia list might be helpful: List of engineering branches – Wikipedia

In the end, it is not all about an Engineering degree. All the streams are connected to each other in a way or other and most of the concepts will be common in each other. What really matters is that an answer to the question, “Are you really interested in Engineering?”

If your answer is assertive, step forward.


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