10 Best Free Video Editing Tools Available Online

Best Video Editing Tools

As videos started becoming more and more mainstream, small businesses realized that this is the right time to enter video marketing. But they struggle to find the best video editing tools for themselves.

Well-made and catchy visuals are highly effective in making the viewers understand everything about a brand very well. It also helps them in learning a lot about the products and services of a brand.

74% of the marketing experts create videos for brand strategy mainly because they find videos offering them better returns on investment. Videos have indeed taken the digital marketing arena by storm. People are in love with videos, and they like watching them more than reading traditional blocks of text.

Well-produced product videos are more engaging than photos alone and can help reduce a customer’s resistance when it comes to purchasing because they feel informative, which ultimately drives up conversion rates by up to 144%

So, if you run a small or large business, start with your video creation endeavors now! Use the best free video editing tools for creating professional quality videos and take your business to great heights of success.

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List of Easy Video Editing Tools For Beginners


VideoPad Video Editing Software

VideoPad is a widely used and user-friendly video editing tool that offers a wide range of video-editing options. 

It has various templates, special effects, and sound effects, which gives you more control. With its interface, it allows even complete beginners to create professional videos.

The drawback is that some of the advanced features are available only with a paid subscription – but don’t worry, because you can still access all of the essential features for free!


Blender Video Editor

This open-source editing tool for Linux, Mac, and Windows is completely free. It is specifically designed in the form of a 3D animation suite. The editor allows users to perform some of the most basic editing actions, such as splicing and video cuts.

Blenders can also be used for carrying out complex activities such as video masking. This highly flexible video editing tool caters to both advanced users and beginners. Luma waveform, live preview, histogram displays, and chroma vectorscope are some of the most significant features of this tool.

Pixteller Animation

Pixteller Animation

For the ones looking to use graphic templates for making some of the best animation videos, Pixteller will be the ultimate editing tool. This tool comes with a massive list of design tools for creating, sharing, and downloading beautiful visuals.

You can also use it for adding eye-catching and top-quality animated videos highlighting your brand. It offers the users easy access to more than 100000 templates and 5000+animations that give the videos a scintillating effect.


Lightworks Video Editing Tool

Yet another top-quality video editing tool, Lightworks, comes packed with several functional attributes. The free version is sufficient for the video editing requirements of businesses.

Some of the significant features of this tool include high precision trimming, support for several video formats, and Multicam support. The tool also features video tutorials to make it easy for the users to get up and running using Lightworks.


InVideo Video Editing Tool

This top-quality editing tool will help you create brand new and informative videos that will surely take your marketing campaigns to another level. This video editor gives its users the flexibility of making some of the most amazing videos along with intros and outros.

Users of this tool also get the flexibility of adding different audio files and music to enhance the quality of their videos. You can also use multiple layers to add depth to the videos. The tool also allows you to cut, copy and paste clips the way you want.

It is one of the most valuable tools for publishers, marketers, agencies, and individuals with support for automatic voice-overs, intelligent frames, and many more features.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio Video Editor

A full-featured and fast video editing tool, Pinnacle Studio renders excellent video editing attributes and is available completely free of cost. It allows the users to mask, stabilize and tilt videos flawlessly with various customization options.

There are different features of this tool that can help users in making attractive and appealing videos. The rendering speed of this tool is truly unique, even if you are using several of its effects and features.

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Shotcut Video Editing Tool

Yet another best free video editor, Shotcut, works great on Windows, Linux, and Mac Pcs. Like all the other editors in this list, Shotcut is an open-source tool giving its users access to some of the most significant features in its unpaid version.

A couple of striking features of the tool include support for 4K HD resolution and timeline editing. These are some original features not available with the other video editing tools in common.

The tool even caters to the ones looking for a 1080p editor. And yes, it also offers three lossless export formats allowing users to transfer their videos without facing any loss.

Nero Video

Nero Video Editing Tool

Nero Video is an editing tool for budget-conscious individuals looking to create some of the most stunning videos. It offers helpful editing attributes along with a plethora of effects and audio tools.

The tool offers support for varied file formats, including H.265. Users of this tool also get the scope of burning Blu-ray, DVD, and AVCHD files while rendering 4K resolution videos in the easiest way possible.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve Video Editing Tool

Arguably, this is the most advanced video editing tool that comes loaded with some of the most professional features. The super-intuitive user interface of this tool makes it very easy for the users to go about with their editing tasks flawlessly and effortlessly.

Besides, the users also get to trim and slice their videos while mastering color correction and audio inclusion features.

HitFilm Express

Hitfilm Pro

HitFilm Express has a cool motion-tracking feature with cropping tools and color picking abilities. 

Also, it has composite shot enhancements that allow you to animate two different shots to create a fantastic video with a significant effect. 

If you have any shaky footage, then you don’t need to worry. It has an auto-stabilizer to make it smooth.

Also, you will get an auto-mixer to get the fine-tuned sound. HitFilm Express gives an output of the video of the finest quality. 

The video transitions are fantastic to use. You can use these transitions to give a clean and smooth look to the video.

Winding Up & Deciding The Right Tool

If you observe, every video editing tool in the list has some unique features with some specialities. I am quickly summarizing them for you –

  • VideoPad – Most basic video editor for beginners to start
  • Blender – Open source 3D animation suite
  • Pixteller Animation – Specialized for animations
  • Lightworks – Supports more video formats and multicamera setup
  • InVideo – Easy to use and all-in-one package for businesses to start video marketing
  • Pinacle Studio – High rendering speeds
  • Shotcut – Open source tool specialized for 4K support
  • Nero Video – Allows to burn Blu-ray, DVD, and AVCHD files while rendering 4K videos
  • DaVinci Resolve – Most advanced video editing software with high learning curve
  • HitFilm Express – Great for vloggers to edit shaky footages

So, here you are! These are the 10 best free video editing tools to help you achieve your video marketing goals without putting in much effort. You need to plan what you will include in your videos, and you are good to go.

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