Meet Virtual Model Imma & CGI Based Artificial Models

Imma Model

Meet this gorgeous lady Imma, who is a virtual model. You might have seen her in multiple magazines, advertisements, and photo-shoots.

But she’s not a human.

Umm… wait, what?

Yeah I mentioned in the first line that she’s a virtual model, literally.

What is the fundamental need in the modeling industry? The glamorous look and the best attire. But humans fall short when technology starts peeping in.

Imma is a photogenic Asian model blowing up social media. Her portfolio is diverse and she’s skyrocketing the mainstream as well as social media. She has more than 250k followers on Instagram.

If you look at her Instagram posts and comments, it seems that people are still unaware that she is unreal.

Imma Instagram Profile: imma.gram

Who is Virtual Model Imma?

Imma was created by Tokyo-based CG company Modeling Cafe and she has recently appeared on the cover of CGWorld magazine. She is a new ‘virtual influencer’ and not a human.

Imma on CGWorld Magazine

From Fairy Tales To Reality – How Did They Make Imma A Reality?

These virtual models are known as CGI models – where CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery. Designers use their high-end software and 3D rendering skills to bring this imagination into reality.

Imma is made using the same 3D rendering technology. Designers give very detailed attention to such models while structuring the software. They created Imma with astounding attention, including dark roots on her pink dyed hair.

The company also paid close attention to details like lighting. They also added the perfect skin tone that would compete with any Japanese model now.

As a result, Imma became the most flawless and 100% fake Instagram influencer. In fact, nobody will believe if you tell that she is not even a human.

I am sure even you fall for her, didn’t you? 😉

Why Do Designers Create Virtual Models?

Influencer Marketing is playing an important role in today’s advertising industry. Moreover, a typical celebrity or model charges hundreds of dollars for a single endorsement.

Instead of paying so much of money to a single model, why not create multiple 3D rendered virtual models? After all, non-humans don’t have any tantrums, any pimple issues, and they never even ask for a high amount of payments.

By the way, have you noticed any other famous virtual model?

Okay, I will give you a hint: You eat its products on a regular basis. Any guesses?

KFC Colonel Virtual Model

Yes! The famous KFC Colonel.

And our Imma has met this Colonel as well. Indeed, couples are made in heaven.

If I tell you my opinions, these two are looking way better than actual celebrities that we see on the Internet. What are your thoughts? I’d love to know.

Other CGI Based Artificial Models in Advertising Industry

Plustic Boy




Liam Nikuro


These virtual models are threatening professional human models and even actors. Probably it’s time to switch to some other profession if someone is just starting with the career.

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From a business point of view, why would anyone pay for a real model when these virtual models are doing the job perfectly? Also, the glamour industry is already full of pain where high-profile models throw tantrums. Why deal with them?

In addition to this, building a virtual model isn’t a recurring expense. Once you build the core model, you keep customizing the model as per your needs. It’s more about the one-time investment for brands.

In the future, businesses might just buy software with ready-made templates of these virtual models. Once they customize as per their brand, they are ready to go.

But no doubt, it is too early to say. These virtual models have just started now! Also, real talent will always be important. AI will never replace humans completely. The fashion sense, control, and decision making still lies with humans.


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