“What after Engineering? What are your plans?”

This is a horrendous statement that every Engineering student goes through!

With the increasing unemployment and decreasing skill-based education system, students even get into mental shocks. After all, it is a turning point in the career.

The only purpose of writing this ebook is to give some insights to my junior friends that there is still a long way to go.

Even if a single person finds this guide helpful, it will be sufficient for me.

That is because I know the pain of going through that stage.

This is a phase where most of us don’t see options other than the same 2-3 paths that everyone else is following!

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It’s The Most Comprehensive Guide! Experts Say That…

“As an Engineer, I always thought that after engineering, all I can do is either MS or a job. But this deck by Pritesh has actually opened a box full of options.”

Utkarsh Tiwari
Co-founder, Tuples Edu

“This short eBook by Pritesh Pawar is a mini-guide that lays out everything in a crisp and concise, yet in a manner easy to understand from the viewpoint of someone who has zero prior idea about the things which are mentioned there. Highly recommended for someone who’s cruising through the life of an engineering college.”

Ashrut Arya
Book Reviewer

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