What is Carding? Is Carding Illegal in India?


“Bro, I am getting an iPhone 11 Pro Max in Rs 20k. Should I buy it? He’s saying that he is into some carding business. What is Carding? Is Carding Illegal in India? Will I be in trouble?”

I have not seen this on Whatsapp but the concept of carding is highly visible on platforms like Instagram and Telegram.

So you will get a random message which will be saying something like, “Sir, I am into carding business. I can manage a smartphone in 10% of its price. This discount is only for you for a limited time. Are you interested?”

What is Carding?

If I keep it simple then Carding means to steal someone’s credit card details and use it for personal benefits.

I hope this statement is self-explanatory.

There are various ways of carding and stealing credit & debit card details. I am mentioning some of them so that you can be aware of such practices and save yourself.

Ways of Stealing Card Details

  1. Fraudulent Websites: This is the most common method in this digital world where you will be asked to enter your card details on a fake website page. Once you enter your card PIN, the website will get the thing that it wanted – your card details.
  2. Fake Confirmation Calls: You will get a random call from the hacker and he will ask you to confirm your card details because he needs to update something on their system. Remember that no bank will call you for card details.
  3. ATM Machines: The hackers install their setup on ATM machines so that they get all the details when a person enters his transaction details to get the cash.
  4. Websites hack: Sometimes you put your details on a reputed and genuine website like Netflix but the website itself gets hacked. So, all the data goes to that hacker.
  5. Random Guess: Most of the card details are random guesses using some patterns and software. If you are using an easy password and login details then you need to be careful. Also, keep changing your passwords frequently.

These are just some common methods that hackers use. In the end, they get the complete list of credit cards and debit cards along with the details.

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Why does a hacker collect so many card details?

So, a hacker collects a large number of card details in his pool where he sells these card details. Most of the time, such card details are sold on the dark web. However, it is commonly available on the normal Internet as well.

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Who is a Carder?

A carder buys this list of card details and eventually buys a large number of products from online websites like Amazon, Alibaba, etc. Once delivered, they will ask you to buy those products at 10% of the original price.

This is because that product didn’t cost them anything. The amount was paid from the card owner’s bank account.

Most of the time, such products include electronic gadgets like smartphones because customers are easily available.

Don’t you think people will buy an iPhone 11 if I make it available for Rs 20,000?

Mind you, carders use fake identities for all this online shopping.

Is Carding Illegal in India?

Carding is completely illegal in India. Section 66C provides you the punishment if you involve yourself in carding.

Also, the person who buys from the carders is violating the law as well. Hence, court fines or jails the buyer.

Stages of Carding Infographics - What is Carding? Is Carding Illegal in India?

90% of the Carders are Fake

Let’s forget about the hacking, carding, or stealing card details for this moment. What if I tell you that the majority of these carders are absolutely fake and they don’t have product or card details?

Firstly, real carder will never come to you and disclose his identity. He will quietly buy the products and resale them in the market.

Secondly, most of the carders pretend to be carders but they merely take your money and flee.

“Sir, I am a carder and I can provide you iPhone 11 for Rs 20k. But you need to send me Rs 500 as processing fees.”

Once you pay this ‘processing fee’, you will never be able to contact that so-called carder again.

Neither you get your iPhone nor you get any carder. It’s just you who lost the amount.

Most of these Telegram and Instagram carders flee away. The only purpose they have is to collect such smaller amounts resulting in a huge sum of money.

Don’t fall for such Internet scams. Remain cyber smart instead!
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Frequently Asked Questions About Carding

Is carding illegal in India?

Carding is completely illegal in India. Section 66C provides you the punishment if you involve yourself in carding. Also, the person who buys from the carders is violating the law as well. Hence, court fines or jails the buyer.

How do people get caught carding?

Some noob hackers use insufficient security measures. Also, sometimes they get caught while making a deal in a honeytrap. There are too many ways how hackers get caught in carding.

Is carding safe?

No, not at all. Carding can land you in jail. Whether you are a hacker, carder or even a consumer – you will get the punishment from court.

Is carding real in Telegram?

Most of the Telegram fraudsters will claim that they are carders but the reality is that real carders never reveal their identity. So, such people are fake.

What is the punishment for carding in India?

Section 66C can lead you to a minimum punishment consisting 3 years of jail.

What is meant by Amazon carding?

Amazon carding means to steal someone’s credit card details and use it for personal benefits. It can be include purchasing from Amazon for self or to sell the products at cheaper rates.


The carding business is anyway illegal and unsafe irrespective of the role you play – hacker, carder or even buyer.

Secondly, the majority of the carders are fake who never deliver you any product. They just flee away with your money.


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