Which Jobs Will Be Replaced by AI?

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Are you tired of hearing that automation will replace jobs? You might be wondering which jobs will be replaced by AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Or what automation can exactly do?

Eventually, every job is vulnerable to automation. However, you don’t really need to worry because only a few of them are in danger in the upcoming years. Most of the automation will take years.

Firstly, most of the robots and AI are still in the research phase. The cool robots and patents you see on the media are in ‘development mode’ and that too by the major tech giants like Google, Amazon or Facebook.

Secondly, it will take years to reach that technology in the vast industry. Not everyone can afford it in the starting phase.

Relate this with the latest smartphone which has a pop-up selfie camera, end-to-end bezel-less display with a huge battery. These smartphones are available in the market but can you afford them? Nope.

So, let’s talk about some jobs or industries where AI will take over much sooner. Let’s discuss which jobs will be replaced by AI?

Which Jobs Will Be Replaced by AI?

1] Drivers

This seems to be the most obvious AI replacement since we have been hearing about the autonomous cars from such a long time. Right from Tesla, Amazon, Uber, Google, Apple, and so many other automobile companies are heavily working on completely autonomous cars to come first in the race.

Again, not too soon but cab drivers are definitely going to be the first people on the hit-list. Uber is already testing their cars.

Uber Autonomous Car
Uber Autonomous Car – Topspeed

Also, railway motormen are much easier to replace. First-tier cities like Dubai has also been practically running the automated metro trains.

2] Delivery Boys

Be it for Amazon, Swiggy, Domino’s or even courier, delivery guys are at risk and we cannot deny that. Just like autonomous cars, Amazon is also working hard with the latest techniques to remove the role of delivery guys.

We can say that this is much similar to autonomous cars but Amazon is working on some another project as well – delivery drones.

Amazon Delivery Drones
Amazon Delivery Drones – Avweb

The drone will take off with your package, fly all the way to your destination and drop your package. If not home, then someplace near you.

3] Receptionists and Hospitality

Do you know that there is one Indian company is working on some human-like robots which fulfill all the basic jobs of a receptionist? The company is Invento Robotics and it makes ‘Mitra’ robots. Mitra became the first receptionist Robot made in India.

An Indian Start-Up Made A Robot Receptionist: Of Course, She’s A Woman – Huffingtonpost report

Which Jobs Will Be Replaced by AI
Mitra Robot by Invento Robotics – Hindustan Times

There are several Indian companies working in this field. If India is already doing this, then we can expect the level of advancement in developed countries.

Sure, these robots are expensive for now but they are bound to get cheap with mass production and better development.

4] Security guards

No, not all security guards will be fired. But the number of security machines and automation will reduce these jobs.

Selective opening of gates, checking bags with X-Ray technologies, etc. What is all this? Automation. Security guards used to manually check your luggage but not anymore.

Which Jobs Will Be Replaced by AI - Security Camera
Security Systems – unsplashed.com

Of course, you will still need a few security guards to manage these machines.

5] Cooks

Mind the difference between chefs and cooks here. The jobs of chefs are highly secured in the age of automation. However, when it comes to cooks, it is easily replaceable.

Which Jobs Will Be Replaced by AI - McRobot
McRobot – newsexaminer

McDonald’s has started replacing their cooks for making the burgers. Making burgers is a repetitive task which can be done by machines with high accuracy and efficiency.

6] Cashiers and Accountants

Have you visited a bank to withdraw your cash lately? Or do you use ATM now? So, don’t you think that banks need to hire less number of cashiers as compared to a few years back?

Which Jobs Will Be Replaced by AI - ATM
ATM Machine by unsplashed.com

The software will do your accountant’s work and machines will manage the cash. Oh, wait! Are we still going to use cash by then?

7] Telemarketers

This job profile is already hampered in two ways. Firstly, the automated telemarketing is cheaper, more efficient and can work for 24×7. Secondly, with spam filtering applications, these jobs are getting more and more irrelevant.

Which Jobs Will Be Replaced by AI - Automation in Telemarketing
Automation in Telemarketing

After all, the marketers are finding better ways instead of using telephonic calls.

8] Teaching Field

Gone are the days when the teachers used to come in the traditional classes, teach something with chalk and go out.

Companies like Byju’s and Topprs have started arriving. These are automated teaching schools with much more efficiency. The kids understand audiovisual materials much easily as compared to traditional classroom teachings. Education will change its way of teaching.

eLearning – Voices.com

The cost of making such courses becomes a one-time investment. Make such courses once and keep selling it recurringly. Even schools will prefer this.

9] Law Field

Automation will soon take over the mundane tasks done by the lawyers. Of course, not all the tasks are so easy to replace. In fact, this will be better for lawyers that their mechanical workload will decrease and they will be able to focus on important activities like research.

Preparing estate contracts, rental agreements, divorce settlements or wills can be easily automated for now. These processes generally need asking a few questions to the clients, sign the documents, etc. Algorithmic software can easily do this.

Automation in Law
Automation in Law – Korbitech

Interestingly, such software is already in practice in countries like the USA. They use a few software like LegalZoom, Rocketlawyer, and Lawdepot.

At least they don’t have to satisfy the hungry Government babus there.

10] Medical Field

The medical field is among a few fields which are not really easy to replace. After all, even humans need to go through complex courses. How can we expect machines to reach there so easily? After all, machines need to be taught as well.

Again, AI will replace only those tasks which are repetitive in nature like a check-up and conducting tests. This will leave more time with the Doctors to do better things. Doctors can use that precious time to research more.

Do you realize that most of the complex operations are done by huge machines nowadays? In the past, either they were done manually or not done at all.

Automation in Medical Field
Automation in Medical Field – zdnet

Also, most of the prescriptions are done by software. The chemist shops wrote the medicines but now they have computerized records of everything. Even hospitals store everything digitally instead of hiring a person to look after those files.

Highly specialized and skilled people are irreplaceable.

11] Agricultural Field

Except for India, most of the major countries have already replaced humans with huge machines. Even today in India, machines have rapidly replaced laborers.

Tractors have replaced bullock carts. Machines look at seed-sowing and harvesting nowadays. Pesticides are no longer sprayed by humans on larger farms. Also, irrigation systems have become college projects for Engineering students.

Automation in Agriculture – cropscience

Do you know what is immortal? The farmer’s research and analysis. If the farmers start acquiring smart skills then it will be easier and more fruitful.

Jobs Which AI Cannot Replace

Enough of which jobs will be replaced by AI. But can you imagine which jobs are absolutely irreplaceable by robots, AI or software?

The jobs which involve creativity or management of humans/robots.

Entertainment Industry

Our parents made our lives to learn science and avoid Arts but this is the reality. The most boosting industry will be the entertainment industry. What will the people do after saving so much of time? Entertain themselves as the cavemen did.

All the Artists there, keep being better in what you are doing. You are on the right track! Sorry on behalf of all those who mock you for being an artist and not holding some ‘high-profile’ job.

New jobs in managing robots

Yes, sure, robots will do the jobs. But we still need people to manage them or make them. Hence, if you are a coder or good at algorithms, you have a good scope in future.

Also, if you get skilled at operating the machines/software in your field then you are already precious. You don’t need to be necessarily a programmer. Even managing that automation needs people.

Irreplaceable Jobs

  1. Human Resource Managers
  2. Marketing Managers
  3. Sales Managers
  4. Public Relation Managers
  5. Event Managers
  6. Designers
  7. Programmers
  8. Editors
  9. Writers
  10. Counselors/Advisors


If you notice a pattern then all of those jobs which involve repetitive and simple tasks are the ones which are vulnerable to AI.

AI will replace some jobs and that is totally sure. You cannot deny that. Here is an instance for you.

Times Of India Report: Infosys ‘releases’ 9,000 employees due to automation

If you are still confused which jobs will be replaced by AI then ask yourself a question, “How much skills does this job requires and how much management is required to do this?”

Your answer will lie there. If you are interested in the source of all this information then I will recommend a book to you.

The Robots Are Coming! by Andres Oppenheimer | Amazon Link

This book highlights this issue deeply. I have read the same book to get inspired to write this post.

Also, I have written a dedicated post on how Artificial Intelligence and Virtual models may disrupt the modeling industry. You can check it here –

Know how Artificial Intelligence is used in commercial Ads.


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