Why Do Spammers Misspell Words?

Scammer Misspell

53.95% of e-mail traffic was spam as of March 2020. You will notice that spammers often misspell words a lot. There are too many grammatical and spelling errors.

Yesterday someone sent a screenshot of a spam email on a Whatsapp group. The sender had made multiple mistakes. Everyone burst out laughing.

“Haha! These scammers can’t even write a simple English sentence and they are trying to fool out others!”

But did you know that these mistakes are often intentional? Spammers are well aware of the emails they send.

Also, someone who is into scamming business is definitely not a fool.

2 Major Reasons Why Spammers Misspell Words

Why Spammers Misspell Words

1] To Trick Spam Filters

Gmail and many email services filter out the spam messages automatically. They work by identifying the spammy looking keywords.

Email marketers know this well. Spammers try to deceive that system.

“100% money-making scheme! Buy right now!”
This line will obviously land an email into the spam folder because Google has marked it as spammy.

How about the following headline?
“Hundrd percnt mony makng sceme”

The email service algorithms often block specific spam looking keywords. The rest of the keywords are allowed.

So, this is how spammers trick the system and end up reaching your inbox.

Now you might ask, how do spammers get our email IDs? There is a separate answer altogether.

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2] To Specifically Target Gullible People

As I mentioned in the situation of the Whatsapp group, educated and aware people know such spams.
Also, they are aware that genuine companies won’t make spelling mistakes or misspell words.

However, gullible and ignorant people easily fall for such spams even after noticing the misspells. They end up responding to such emails.

If spammers start sending genuine emails then smarter people would end up calling or responding to them. But they will sway away later. This wastes time.

Spammers don’t want to waste their time dealing with smarter people. They need someone to quickly fall for their traps.

These are short and simple reasons why spammers misspell words. Most of the people are not aware of the reason and we end up judging them 🙂

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