Why Does Slapping a Remote Makes it Work?

Slap Remote

I can bet all my money that you have tried slapping a remote at least once in your life. That is such a common Indian jugaad! 😛

And you know what? It even starts working most of the time!

Miraculous, right?

There is a scientific reason behind this. However, I would like to warn you to not keep banging your remote controller.

Try to lightly smack the remote twice or thrice. If the remote still doesn’t work then it’s time to change the batteries.

Slapping a Remote

If changing the battery doesn’t help, it got some technical issues that I won’t recommend you solve by yourself ~ unless you are a good engineer! 😉

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This is how Slapping a Remote Helps!

Since the batteries are motionless in their position for a long period, a layer of oxide develops on the negative terminal of the battery and the spring.

This is oxidation.

Hello Science students! Is your 12th standard Chemistry textbook flashing in front of you? 😀

So, this oxidation proves to be a barrier in the flow of current. Note the point that current flow in a remote is not very strong to break that oxide layer.

Otherwise, high current flow can break that layer easily. This is not the case with our remote controllers.

By slapping a remote, you make that oxide layer to remove itself due to jerks. As a result, the current flow starts again.

Now you might ask, why is this true for remote controllers only? Why not other gadgets like toys or clocks?

The reason is that the battery in a remote controller rarely needs to work. You switch on your TV, change the volume or channel for around 10-15 times a day. That’s it.

On the other hand, other gadgets continuously keep on working. There is rarely any chance to form the oxide layer.

So, the next time your remote stops working, bang it twice and enjoy watching your favorite show.

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But always remember one thing – whenever you are hitting your remote, it is damaging the fine components that are present inside.

So, avoid hitting it hard.

Simple Way To Check if Remote is Working

#1: Turn on the camera on your smartphone
#2: Take your remote and point it towards the camera
#3: Press the buttons. If you get to see the light beam then it is perfectly running fine.

Check if Remote is Actually Working

Remote controllers work using IR signals and your camera can perfectly see those signals. Your naked eyes can’t!

So, that was all about the reasons for your question of life.

I know you always wanted to know why Indians prefer to beat a remote instead of repairing it.

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If you still have any doubts, let me know.

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