Why Microsoft Allows Piracy in India?

Piracy Microsoft Windows

Microsoft knows that 91% of the Indian PCs are running with pirated Windows. Everyone knows it. Then why Microsoft allows piracy in India?

[Economic Times Report: Microsoft tests show 91% new PCs from India loaded with pirated software]

There’s a smart business strategy behind this move. While Indian teenagers keep thinking that they are fooling a global tech giant, Microsoft is having a long-distance vision.

How do they exactly Pirate Windows or any Software?

There are some companies that are involved in pirating Software and OS. They pirate only that software that has heavy demand in the market; for instance, Windows and Adobe Photoshop!

So, how do they do that?

Step 1: Buy the original software

Step 2: Edit the code and remove the licensing part in that code.

This tricks Microsoft’s systems. Their system thinks that this particular software is purchased and a licensed version of the software.

However, while editing the code, these people add some malicious code for their profits as well.

So, let’s talk about basic logic: Why will anyone provide you a cracked version by taking all the efforts for free?

Makes sense, right?

These people who give you the pirated version of software gain much from you!

Risks in Digital Piracy


This is the safest way for hackers to avoid legal actions while earning money. They simply inject your Windows with adware that will keep providing you with irrelevant ads.

Do you get multiple ads on your PC throughout the day while performing regular tasks?

Congratulations! There is adware on your PC. Because Windows won’t give you a single advertisement.

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Cryptocurrency Mining

If your computer gets heated for absolutely no special reason then there are chances that your PC has a crypto miner. Also, is your PC lagging even after having the latest processor and high RAM?

Windows Slowing Down

There are high chances that pirated software has a code that is mining cryptocurrencies by using the power of your computer.

This is going to affect your battery and performance in the long run.

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This can be the worst consequence of piracy because of the reason that the other 2 consequences give you signals.

You understand whether you are getting ads or whether the battery is heating up!

However, you will never understand when your private data is removed from your personal computer.

For all those kids who think that they don’t have any personal data, I can do nothing but giggle at your innocence.

Since I have been working in the advertising industry, I understand the value of your data. Don’t underestimate your data’s value.

Spyware can sell your data, use your data, track all your passwords, and also hack your accounts. Yes, you give it enough power to do so.

Prone to Attacks

There are various vulnerabilities in every software or operating system. Companies patch them from time to time by pushing the updates.

However, when your OS or software becomes outdated, anyone can intrude on your system.

It doesn’t matter how good your antivirus is! If your system itself is weak, you are prone to attacks and nobody can save your system.

Why Microsoft Allows Piracy in India?

Companies like Microsoft and Adobe give some relaxation in third world countries like India, Brazil, Spain, and most of the African & Asian countries.

No offense to the fellow Indians as I also belong to the same soil. That’s the hard truth and we can’t change their perception for us.

Aren’t we again proving them right when 91% of us are pirating their software?

Piracy laws are very strong in developed countries like the USA, the UK, and other first and second-world countries. Microsoft doesn’t allow pirated Windows there.

Then why are these countries giving relaxation to us when they are aware of everything? Here are some reasons:

Brand Equity

India is one of the largest markets for Microsoft. They have the audacity to tell in the industry that they own the highest market share.

According to Wikipedia, 87.76% of the total laptops and desktops run on Windows OS and the second-largest share belongs to Apple’s macOS with a share of 9.61%!

Can you see the difference? That’s the point.

The valuation of Microsoft automatically rises because of the total users. It’s all about the business but not in terms of money!


Since the majority of the computer users in India are using Windows OS, they won’t get comfortable with any other OS.

List of Windows Versions - Microsoft Allows Piracy

Which was the first Windows PC for you among these?

In fact, almost all of us have grown up learning to operate a computer using – Windows!

Microsoft knows this very well.

Will you prefer to work on some other OS at your workplace where you will be judged on your performance speed and efficiency?

In fact, you can’t even work without MS Excel, MS Word, and MS Powerpoint.

Now you will demand Windows PC at your workplace and that’s where Microsoft fetches all the revenue. It is super strict for businesses using Windows.

So, most people end up buying MS Office services and even Windows OS.

Leave no chance to introduce the Competitor

How many of you know any Operating System other than Windows?

Since I have a younger demographic audience, chances are there that you might be knowing about other operating systems.

If you don’t know, there are better and free Operating Systems like Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Chrome OS, and many others.

But I doubt you’d even like to try them when Windows is working just right!

That’s the magic of free stuff! You get addicted, just like Jio Internet.

If Microsoft decides, it can shut down the piracy of Windows within a few hours. No warnings would be given!

But it won’t do that for India and other developing countries because it is taking advantage of its brand.

People like you and I have grown up using Windows right from our school days. So, Microsoft is looking at a bigger game.

This is why Microsoft Allows Piracy!

Moreover, it earns more from developed countries. It also has other sources of revenue that pay more than Windows OS.

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Have you ever pirated Windows? Let me know!


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