Why Mobile Numbers Start With 9, 8 or 7?

Mobile Numbers

Have you ever wondered why Mobile Numbers Start With 9 or 8? Nowadays they are starting with 7 as well.

But why is it? The question is quite simple but such things never come to our minds. Even if they do, we tend to ignore them!

Mobile Numbers Start With 9 or 8 and here is the Reason!

I have already mentioned in one of my posts that mobile numbers have 10 digits for a reason. In case you have missed that post, check it out:

So, we are left with a choice that either we need to start counting the numbers from 0 or 1 or 9!

Mobile numbers couldn’t initiate with 0 because we access all STD numbers with 0.

In case you need any State’s STD code then you can download this PDF File. Keep it handy.

So, we understand that 0 was busy but why not 1?

Mobile numbers couldn’t initiate with 1 because emergency contact numbers and special numbers start with 1.

For instance, take a look at this list:

Fire Brigade101
Disaster Management108
Women’s helpline181
AIDS helpline1097
Child abuse hotline1098

Okay! So, 1 is busy as well! Then why not 2? 🙁

Umm… Because 2-8 were allotted for local numbering.

For instance, your landline number might be starting with something like 256####.

As a result, only 9 was left for the mobile numbering system.

Mobile Number Starts with 9

But My Mobile Number Starts with 8 and 7. Why is it so?

As the mobile numbers started increasing exponentially, landline numbers decreased at a faster rate.

Hence, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) gave a green signal for mobile numbers starting with 8, 7 and recently 6.

Don’t be surprised if you get to see mobile numbers starting with 5 or 4 in the upcoming years.

If required, they will even provide you with 11 digit numbers instead of 10.

If you still didn’t get the context of digits in mobile numbers then I strongly recommend you to read the post that I mentioned above.


TRAI made to start Mobile Numbers with 9 because 0 is used for STD access, 1 is used for emergency contacts, 2-8 is used for landline numbers. Hence we use 9.

Now you certainly know the reason why your mobile number initiates with 9, 8 or 7!

Spread this knowledge with your ignorant friends and get a chance to be a hero! 😛


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