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WordPress.com or WordPress.org

“What? We should build a WordPress website?” this comes from most of the people who don’t know that there are two different platforms. WordPress.com vs WordPress.org is a huge confusion.

WordPress.org is an open-source content management system to build websites. On the other hand, WordPress.com is a self-publishing platform for blogging.

I know you found this boring and most of the people didn’t even understand what I meant there. Let’s understand it in a better way!

This is my 8th website. I have tried everything during my college days – WordPress.com, WordPress.org, Google Blogger, etc. I even tested Wix and Joomla.

Even I got confused in my initial days and I can completely understand that.

If you are still confused between a custom coded website and WordPress, I have a separate answer for that.

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PS: Never underestimate the power of WordPress because many brands are using WordPress to support their Websites. Need a list? Here you go:

Popular Brands using WordPress [Infographic]

Interesting fact: WordPress powers more than 37% of the websites on the Internet.

But the question is – which WordPress are they using?

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

It’s simple. They all are using WordPress.org and so am I!

Okay look! There is a huge difference.

WordPress.com is limited as a blogging website unless you pay heavily. Meanwhile, WordPress.org allows you to build eCommerce, Social media, forums, and literally every kind of website that you need.


Websites need some space on the Internet.

WordPress.com manages that for you. You just need to make your account like you do on Facebook and start working on it.

On the other hand, you have to host your own website using some 3rd party hosting service when it comes to WordPress.org!


I have dropped a few hosting services for your convenience. It might be a headache if you are just starting with it.


A domain is nothing but the name of your website. For instance: priteshpawar.com or google.com

WordPress.com does not allow you to get a domain for yourself in its free plan. You need to pay if you want to claim your own domain. Trust me, it is costly.

In the free version of WordPress.com, you will get something like

Meanwhile, you need to buy your own domain for WordPress.org websites. Once again, it comes from a third party service.

I am listing a few prominent services for your convenience.


Disk Space For Website

Disk Space For Website depends on Hosting Service

Disk space is required because that is where all your website data is stored.

Since you don’t host on WordPress.com by yourself, the disk space is limited. It is merely 3 GB for the free account.

For getting extra space, you also need to pay more.

Meanwhile, WordPress.org is hosted by you and your disk space is determined by the plan you buy from your hosting service.

For instance, my disk space is technically unlimited.

Content Monetization

Content Monetization For websites - WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

You cannot apply for Google Adsense or any ad network on your WordPress.com blog.

They have their own monetization technique which pays you peanuts.

If you are anyway building a website for blogging purpose then I would recommend you using Google Blogger. The reason is simple – Google Adsense is easier for approval on Google Blogger.

Meanwhile, WordPress.org websites give you complete control for monetization. You don’t have any limits. You can apply for Google Adsense, Media.net, or literally any ad network.

The best part? You don’t have to share your revenue with anyone!

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Themes and Plugins

In WordPress.org, you can code your own themes and plugins!

WordPress.com has a fixed set of themes and plugins that allow you the basic structuring. However, you cannot go beyond that.

I mean, they charge for everything ‘extra’ you would add!

Moreover, they don’t allow you to code or tweak their existing setups. Pretty boring!

Talking about WordPress.org – you can code your own themes and plugins!

Yes! Are you not comfortable with the free and paid themes or plugins from the huge library? Well, not an issue. Build your own.

This is what all the major brands like Mercedes or Mozilla do! They work on WordPress but they code their own themes and plugins.

So basically you can build a semi-coded website on WordPress.org because it allows you to code your own stuff.

Security and Hacking

Security in WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

This is a matter of concern when you build your own website. It can get hacked because of some vulnerabilities or sometimes due to the webmaster’s stupidity.

In a WordPress.org website, you need to take care of the security of your website as well.

Right from the SSL certificate to the backups and bot attacks, you need to work on everything. If not, you might lose your website.

However, WordPress.com takes care of such things for you. You don’t need to worry. It’s not a guarantee though of having a safe website though.

This is the point where WordPress.com vs WordPress.org battle makes sense. Otherwise WordPress.org would win all the points.

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Freedom and Flexibility

WordPress.org websites are hosted by you and it is completely owned by you. Nobody can come and suspend your website just because it didn’t comply with some random policies.

Of course, you cannot do anything illegal.

Contrarily, WordPress.com can suspend your website anytime if it feels to do so. No questions asked!

It is like any other social media website.


Google Analytics on WordPress.org

On WordPress.com, it gives some basic analytics about the visitors on your website. Nothing more than that.

You cannot track your website visitors for re-marketing purposes.

Well, on WordPress.org you ask? You can literally track every movement of the visitors on your website.

Plus you can even get detailed information about the visitors. This data helps a lot in re-marketing.

What is the Best Choice For You?

WordPress.com if –

  • You are a hobbyist and just want to establish your online presence by blogging and some basic updates.
  • You don’t want the headache of technical glitches and own abundant money to buy all the premium features.

WordPress.org if –

  • You are ready to dirty your hands or let someone else do it for you
  • You need a professional website with 100% control

I hope this battle of WordPress.com vs WordPress.org is clear for you now.

PS: Not to brag but I am a ‘LinkedIn Skill Assessment Badge’ owner on LinkedIn 😉

Being a hardcore practitioner for more than 2 years, let me know if you need any help in building a WordPress website and its SEO.

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