WordPress vs Custom Website – Which is better for you?

Coded vs WordPress

I can see dozens of misconceptions floating in the minds of people when it comes to website building. WordPress vs custom website has always been a topic of debate.

“I hired an agency which was about to develop a custom website for my startup but it is not ranking on Google,” complained one of the startup founders. Finally, the website developer left the job in between.

“Sir, why don’t you make a custom HTML based website instead of a WordPress website?” asks one of my followers who has no idea about how websites work. That’s not his fault as well.

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WordPress vs Custom Website

For those who are finding it difficult to understand what this discussion is going on, I will make things easier for you.

We have two methods to build a website:

1] WordPress – WordPress is an open-source platform where you don’t need to code anything. It has various themes and templates which you select and start posting.

2] Custom HTML Based Website – Custom websites are made by writing codes from scratch. Everything has to be done using HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

Also, let me clear that WordPress.com and WordPress.org are completely different. WordPress.com is merely a blogging platform while WordPress.org is a Content Management System (CMS) where you can build professional websites.

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I make WordPress.org based websites for my clients because I find it better.

Hence, it is important to understand that both websites have their own pros and cons.

It is up to you what matters more to you! Identify your needs and then decide.

How will you identify? So, what do you think I am here for? 😉

1] Coding

For custom HTML websites, you should be very efficient in writing HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc because that’s how you build a website. Nobody else can manage custom websites other than a web developer.

However, WordPress manages all the coding part for you. You just need to buy a domain and a host and you are good to go. Anyone can manage this site later on.

Winner: WordPress

2] Time

I build a WordPress website in a single day with 4 basic pages. That’s how efficient I became in WordPress. In fact, I recently achieved a badge on LinkedIn for successfully clearing their tests. So, you can trust me!

Enough of self-promotion! 😛

The point was to prove how less time it takes if you are familiar with making and playing with websites.

On the other hand, custom HTML based websites take huge amount of time because everything has to be written from scratch. Sometimes it takes months to develop a website depending upon the developer and his team.

Winner: WordPress

3] Money

Since you are hiring an agency or a web developer, he won’t work for free, right? As I mentioned in 2nd point, it takes a lot of time. So, who will pay for that time and effort? You, my dear friend!

On the other hand, you merely need to buy a domain and a host for a WordPress website and that’s your investment. WordPress being ‘easy’, no designer will charge you much.

Winner: WordPress

4] Customizations

Custom websites have an edge here because when you are developing a website, you have a choice of each and everything.

Right from the text font, image appearance, looks, etc can everything be customized on a custom HTML based website.

However, you don’t need to panic if you have a WordPress website. You have thousands of free themes to choose from with a strong backup of millions of plugins.

In fact, you can code your own themes and plugins for your personal use. Why not code your own themes for your WordPress website instead of creating a custom one?

Mercedes Benz Website is a website on WordPress

Winner: WordPress website with customizations

5] Speed and Light Weight

Speed is a very important factor for any website to rank or to even appeal a visitor.

Hence, if you are using too many plugins on your WordPress website then your loading speed is bound to reduce. So, I would recommend to use lesser plugins and code a few plugins if you need some.

HTML websites are lighter because they are extremely well optimized. Remember why Apple devices are faster and smoother?

[In case you have not checked it out, here is the link: Android vs iOS – Which one is better?]

The same logic is applicable here. HTML Sites will always be faster unless it is owned by IRCTC… just kidding! 😀

Winner: Custom Website

6] Security

If your website handles highly confidential data then I would recommend you build it from scratch using a customized HTML code.

For instance, your website is a banking website or a website that takes credit card details. Even if your website is an eCommerce website, I would rather ask you to go HTML based websites instead of using WordPress.

Such information is highly sensitive and you won’t want to deal with data leakages.

Winner: Custom Website

7] Maintainance and Bugs

When you build a WordPress website, you get powerful backing from the press community.

There is a reason why 34% of the websites on the Internet are made on WordPress. It becomes damn easy to resolve bugs and technical issues.

However, custom websites face tonnes of bugs that are difficult to resolve. Especially when you are a smaller brand.

I can name several big brands that continuously face technical issues with their websites. Even huge brands need to face these issues on a daily basis.

Image result for quora error
Quora keeps getting such errors multiple times per day

Meanwhile, WordPress and your host take care of your maintenance issues and bugs.

Winner: WordPress

8] Ranking on Google or any Search Engine

I always tell my clients that you don’t necessarily need a custom HTML Website to rank on Google or any search engine.

I can showcase several news websites, individual bloggers, etc who use WordPress websites. If Google didn’t prefer WordPress websites then they won’t rank, right?

As I always say – Google needs better content over all the other factors. If your visitors are getting some great content then Google will automatically rank you higher.

I recently met a startup founder who was complaining that his website was not ranking higher even after paying a handsome amount to his website developer.

When I saw the content on his website, there were several issues with the content.

I will take my own example. This website priteshpawar.com is not even a year old. However, I am ranking for more than 136 keywords across the globe within a span of 7 months.

Wordpress vs custom website - Ubersuggest SEO

So, it doesn’t really matter whether you make a website on WordPress or HTML. The only thing that Google cares for – rich content.

Instead of paying the amount to a web developer, I would recommend you to invest that amount on a content writer who will bring value to your business website.

Winner: Both

9] Traffic

I have been professionally working in an online advertising company where I get to observe hundreds of websites on a daily basis of all the types.

Some websites receive millions of visitors per day and still, they are doing well using a WordPress website. It is a myth that a WordPress website cannot handle high traffic.

That is true if you own an eCommerce website or such a website which has tonnes of features. Then, I would suggest you go for an HTML website if you receive millions of visitors per day.

I am listing a few major brands that receive millions of visitors per month and still using WordPress.

However, if you merely own a branding website that receives a few hundred visitors per day then get a WordPress website powered by a reputed hosting provider.

10] Brands using WordPress

There are hundreds of major brands that use WordPress for their branding. However, I am mentioning a dozen of them. Here is an infographic:

  1. Microsoft News Center
  2. Facebook Newsroom
  3. Mozilla
  4. NYPost
  5. Glassdoor
  6. Bloomberg
  7. GoDaddy
  8. Skype
  9. Tech Crunch
  10. TED
  11. Disney Books
  12. MTV
  13. Bata
  14. Sony Music
  15. BBC America

And many of your favorite brands!

Conclusion: WordPress vs Custom Website – What should you go for?

Use Custom HTML based Website if –

  1. You get millions of visitors per month and your website is complex
  2. Your website deals with banking or sensitive data
  3. You have a team to maintain backend technical part regularly
  4. You want your website highly customized

Use WordPress based Website if –

  1. You have a few hundred visitors per day and not more than that
  2. You are running out of time and money
  3. Your website will be handled by multiple people such as content writers and designers
  4. You don’t want to deal with maintenance issues, bugs, and other highly technical details

I am pretty sure now you’re clear about WordPress vs custom website debate. Let me know what you think about this.


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  1. Nice article buddy 👌🏼

    For customization, I think custom website is preferable as it allows you to control everything (saying as a web developer :))

    But in WordPress, you have to be dependent on the plugins which can’t be used in a large number because it will decrease your speed.

    Coming to coding your own plugin
    Still plugin will be used which may make the website slow.

    1. Yes, there is a limit to use plugins. That’s the reason why brands are using their own themes and plugins which makes a hybrid of WordPress and custom websites.
      WordPress sites have their own limits because the control is not complete.

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